Friday, July 12, 2013

DC Entertainment Introduces DC2 Interactive Comics

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Vortexx on The CW Unveils New Lineup


Vortexx on The CW, an affiliate of Saban Brands, will be kicking off a new programming lineup with plenty of action, adventure and comedy fare starting July 13 at 8:30 a.m. New programs for 2013 include Digimon Fusion, Spectacular Spider-Man, Sendokai Champions and Bolts & Blip.


Dates Set for Two More 'Spider-Man' Movies

June,18,2013 by:+Staff

Sony Pictures announced today that it has chosen release dates for the third and fourth entries in its Spider-Man film franchise: June 10, 2016, and May 4, 2018. With the recent scheduling announcement by Marvel Studios (see "Marvel Grabs More May Weekends"), this puts a movie featuring Marvel characters on the first weekend of May for the next five years.

PW Comics Week

DC Entertainment Introduces DC2 Interactive Comics

June,05,2013 By:+Heidi MacDonald

With their digital comics sales surging, DC Entertainment announced two new "enhanced" storytelling formats at an event at the Warner Bros Medialab on Tuesday. DC2 (DC Squared) uses progressive elements where the user taps the panels: artwork moves or dialogue balloons appear. DC2 Multiverse is an even more interactive format that might be called a "choose your own adventure motion comic." Readers can choose various storylines in the comic and experience it with music and sound effects as well as limited animation within panels.


Must-Wear Monday: Anime Goes High Fashion

June,17,2013 by:+Staff

ONE PIECE/UNIQLO - It should come as no surprise that Japan's biggest anime would have a fashion collaboration with Japan's biggest (and hippest) retailer, Uniqlo. With well-designed t-shirts for both men and women, their One Piece collection is sure to please any aspiring pirate-king.



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