Sunday, July 14, 2013

Do you know why snow is white?

A year and a half, this time. It's funny, I never think about this thing...

I'm taking Human Anatomy and Physiology this summer. Pretty sure I bombed the last test I took over epithelial tissues. Those slides were annoying as hell to try and identify. We start carving up kitties this week. Kind of excited for those labs... It'll be the first time I've dissected anything since eighth grade, I believe. This time I'll actually know at what I'm looking, unlike then. I've just got to keep bones straight and remember muscle groupings... shouldn't be too hard, right?

I've also gone back to watching quite a bit of anime. I finished Naruto's dub recently, started on Code Geass and decided I'd also watch Digimon again. Naruto is mostly just for the action, though I'm curious if the titular character will ever get the Nine Tails to cooperate with him. Kakashi quickly became a favorite character from the series, as did Jiraiya. Code Geass I find intriguing since the main character is trying to overthrow a corrupt world government and unite people. I often wonder how one might do that, and have speculated with some friends. I can't wait to see how the series turns out. Digimon isn't nearly as cool as I thought it was when I was younger, and I'm surprised that I still remember 3/4 of the names of the individual digimon. Pretty sure I'm going to keep watching the series until the end of Season 3, 4 got a little ridiculous when the digi-destined became the monsters themselves...

The title for the blog comes from Code Geass. C2 asks Lelouche: "Lelouche, do you know why snow is white? Snow is white because it forgot what color it's supposed to be."

I'm just sayin'.
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