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Long overdue anime reviews (part 3)

There's this stretch of time at night where I can't retreat to my own room to watch anime since my parents would be all "What are you doing in your room?" and where I am stuck in theirs since its customary for as much people to stay in one room as possible so that we can save our electricity bills by switching on only one fan and one room's lights. Hence I decide that its probably the best time to blog and review anime since I am uncomfortable with watching anime in the same room as my parents'; I don't like them to see me laughing or crying while staring at a screen. Besides they would tend to criticize my unproductive way of life and I would literally feel my blood rushing to my head. And they still believe anime is cartoons a.k.a for kids so...I don't even want to start.

I believe I watched SAO after Toradora.

Can someone tell me why this series is so popular? There's a disproportionately large fanbase out them (mostly consisting of guys) and a lot of people I know in real life love it. That includes my cousin who even bought me a poster when he went to Japan, and my friend. Both are guys. Perhaps its the MMORPG context of the anime. And Asuna. She seems like the perfect girlfriend that a guy would want (and fantasize). And perhaps Kirito owning the hell out of everybody he meets. And those boss fights. Personally I didn't see why it was so popular. It was at the most rather entertaining to watch, but is far from something to be worshipped.

What I liked about the show:

- Kirito's seiyuu.

- Sachi (who died. D: )

- Kirito owning the hell out of everybody

- Kirito's kindness (kind of a cliched thing but okay I fell for it)

- OPs and EDs

Luckily I liked Kirito enough to find SAO entertaining.

What I disliked:

- Kirito progressing to boss level way too fast. I never got a chance to see his character and skills develop, a process which if included, would have made the series much more enjoyable.

- Not much explanation about the world of SAO.

- The second half of the series. Totally unnecessary, in my opinion.

Next up, MOST UNDERRATED ANIME OF THE YEAR. Or in a few years.

Zetsuen no Tempest. It bears similarities to Code Geass but it at the same time radically different from anything that I have watched. In fact those who have watched it are all unanimous in the fact that this is truly unique on its own, and its hard to find anything quite like it. I got the chills at the end of the first episode when Mahiro announced that he would go against the world (or basically do anything) to find out who killed his sister. (sounds familiar? heh.) Not to mention that ZnT contains the fast-paced storyline, mind games, smart protaganist(s), plot twists that made Code Geass so lovable for me. And of course the characters. Yoshino and Aika are my particular favourites. A picture of them adorn my desktop. AND I was extremely satisfied with the ending, unlike my online counterparts (and is probably why ZnT didn't get a higher score on MAL)

Okay I am extremely attracted to female characters like Fuwa and C.C. Feminine, cold, with a well-working brain, speak sarcastically, act purposefully but at the same time, we see the fragile side to their characters as well as the more humane side of them. In other words I love complicated protaganists. Not to mention they are also very pretty (heh.) And I particularly love anime which make me love female MCs, as I have said before.

Inu x Boku SS is the epitome of short and sweet. I don't have much to say about this since it is shoujo and only 11 episodes, but I did enjoy watching it throughout. And I also don't mind lolis, even though they may have some sort of a tsundere streak. Humour also helps.

The thing about short series is that it tends to almost be better since shorter animes means a more compact story which tends to be better written and directed. However it also means that there isn't much time for the audience to really identify with the characters or get really emotionally invested so this means most of them don't really stick in your head. (with the exception of Angel Beats.)
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