Friday, July 26, 2013

Long overdue anime reviews (part 4)

I only vaguely remember the order of animes that I watch by splitting them into pre-trip and post-trip animes simply because I downloaded all the OPs, EDs and OSTs of the animes that I watched and put them into a trip playlist. I could have developed a habit of recording down the dates that I start and finish my anime (MAL has this function) but I guess I myself am too lazy to do so.

On a sidenote I just got criticized yet again by my father for watching anime, for he deems it soulless. This comes from a person who is a big fan ofand. (Both Taiwan soap operas and the worst form of entertainment available which anybody would agree. Anybody.) I have nothing to say to this except that firstly I am used to it and secondly I just pity those who will never be able to appreciate this genre of entertainment. It's fine if you don't watch; but do not repeatedly criticize me unless you are bent on distancing yourself away from me. More importantly, since I love watching anime so much I think its fair to say that its already a part of my life such that if you ignore it, you would never be able to get to know the real me. If you don't bother understand and accepting this that means you deem that I am not worthy of that basic level of respect as a person...

Don't get me wrong. I am not complaining about my parents. They are the best parents in terms of the material life that they give me; food, clothes, a good home to live in. Its just that there are many ways to looking at things and I wish that they would be more open-minded and try to look at things in a different light.

Anyway, on to the anime reviews.

Technically I am unable to review Gundam 00 legitimately seeing that I didn't even finish it (am currently only on 11/25 episodes of Season 2 :D) and now it's sitting in my On Hold list (which, in my book, means that it will just lie there forgotten for a long time.) I was honestly more than a little disappointed with 00. After all it had a terribly high score on MAL which, mostly, is quite accurate. I had hoped that it was more similar to Seed and Destiny. However the biggest flaw in this anime is that it is too plot-driven and focused too little on character development. Perhaps they shouldn't have experimented with too many leads at the same time since they seem to be unable to juggle it properly. The worst thing is that even some plot-driven animes can still pull it off with a good plot. (like Code Geass :D). The plot here isn't terribly exciting and worst of all, I personally think that they pull the deus ex machina plot device way too often without attempt to disguise it to NOT look like a plot device which they whipped out due to lack of creative juices. Season 1 was tolerable but after a certain character passed away and a continued sore lack of attempt to develop the characters (what the hell do we know about Setsuna?The most insightful thing he has said so far which clearly sheds a whole lot of light on his character back story is that he aims to be a Gundam!!!! Now that makes a whole lot of sense.) *note sarcasm* So I dropped it. Oh well, maybe I would pick it up again. Maybe I'll watch it on a train ride on the way to school on my small iPhone screen...

I LOVE ROY MUSTANG :D enough said. I am sure even non anime watchers would have heard of this anime before by some way or another..especially guys. I watched Fullmetal Alchemist (FMA) last year and I wasn't impressed at all, but FMAB really blows its precedent out of the water. There are many ongoing debates online about which version is better..and I would have to say that this version definitely is. After all the story takes place on a bigger scale with a more global and macro setting, with many more characters and a faster paced plot. I would say that FMAB is a perfect piece of art with the best directing I have seen (beating even Code Geass) because it does a fabulous job of balancing both plot and character development, something which even Code Geass doesn't achieve very well. No wonder its the top anime on MAL because of its ability to reach across and touch the hearts of almost everybody who has seen it. Its good enough to make it to my Favourites list on MAL and that is actually an achievement in itself because I am only allowed 5 anime on my list heh :D

The happy thing today is that yay C has started watching Toradora
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