Thursday, July 25, 2013

Materialistic Dreams aka how I spent my pay

After hearing of getting a summer job this year, I gladly started to write a list of the things I wanted to buy with my pay (though most of it was saved for a while). As told before, I'm pretty stingy, even though at the same time I really do love shopping, not still feeling ashamed for my materialistic love at all. So this time I gathered here the things I bought and tell a bit about them. Please mind my greediness.~

As told before, Code Geass is still one of the best anime series I've ever seen. Now I finally decided to buy the second season of this wonderful series and thus own the complete collection.

I had known for a longer while that a wig head would be pretty essential help with caring my wigs - how the heck could I even brush them, when I only have two freaking hands? Anyway, I've been really pleased with my styrofoam wig stand, it's served me well so far. I decided to name her "Ritva", but one friend of mine dared to claim that this arrogant lady doesn't supposedly look enough like Ritva and gave her another name. However, since I was already so attached to the name and had managed to forget her "more suitable" name (she was reputedly supposed to be "Tyyra", just checked a while ago), I decided to continue calling her with the name I had picked. Ritva is the only product on the post that came straight from Finland.

Naturally buying a wig for the wig stand would be a fine idea too, right? Nah, I was just in need for one and now after the count, I have enough wigs for each day of a week! That doesn't mean I wouldn't buy them anymore though, but I think I will manage quite a while with the ones I have now. This dear came from China and after seeing how wonderful the packet had turned into in customs' hands, Varg and I joked that they suspected us to smuggle drugs from Asia or something. Since the wig wasn't the only thing arriving from East...

When I saw Marsu's Domo-kun for the first time, I fell totally in love with him and ever since I've wanted to own one some day as well. Having some luck, they happened to have a sale in Blippo just a while ago and I managed to buy the last 40 cm tall, sitting Domo-kun! Originally the official mascot of Japan's NHK television station, I really do love it, even though it looks a bit creepy. :')

And last but not least, I bought a waifu! Or two waifus in the same packet, to be exact. Being a hard-core otaku of some kind, I have wanted to buy a hug pillow for a longer while now. However, since most of them are customed especially for men, you can imagine how they really look like - not really something suited for kids under 18 or persons with innocent mind. While not being that pervert myself, I wanted to have a chaste yet cute hug pillow, which truly was a challenge. At first I was thinking of having one with good-looking guys, but since Amazon didn't have ones I truly liked, I didn't really mind hugging girls, either. (Yes, still straight.) This body pillow is pretty short one compared to the common ones, only about 1 meter tall, yet I love it a lot. When feeling like having an essential teenage angst attack, I can calm myself by hugging either Index Librorum Prohibitorum or Mikoto "Biribiri, Railgun" Misaka from the To Aru Majutsu no Index/To Aru Kagaku no Railgun series.

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