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Over the weeks.

Headed down to Funan Anime Matsuri over the last weekend, I would say that it was kinda like a prelude to Cosfest or an after-event of AFA, since most of the schedule and programmes were similar to that of AFA's.

Shops were the same. Nothing much in particular. The AFA shop makes a return of the madoka movie goods again. While Latendo this time had a pretty small booth, rather limited products too. The other booths were like the cafes and booths selling confectioneries. All in all, it was quite cramp walking in between the shops, area was small, so other than staying for the stage events, I would say that you won't quite enjoy walking around the event area too. I stayed in Rapidculture's shop at Level 5 for most of the time, didn't actually went down to see the activities since it was basically all cramped and hard to walk about... But boy did I heard those screams when Kaname appeared.

So down I went, snapped a few photos and that was all for the whole event. It was rather good as a mini-event in terms of it's activities (if you had missed AFA last year...) but as a event to walk around and have some free space, this wouldn't be the choice though, the event area is truly quite small. And why don't they have WS tables downstairs? Maybe its catered for Kaname since he plays VG? Oh well... :/Had a cohesion event over at a chalet last week too.

It was technically a Halo-filled chalet... like literally. The first night when we arrived at the chalet, it was Halo marathon all the way, into the night and into the day. We had teamfights, capturing flags, slayer modes etc, pretty fun playing the old Halo 2 again over on the Xbox. Little did we know that it was actually 5am when we wanted to take a break and sleep for the night... but the night was already gone OO

Meal times were quite messed up, since we had a buffet the day before and the morning we only managed to catch a wink of sleep at like 5am? Haha, thank goodness there was Laoban to kick start the afternoon off. Thanks for those awesome beancurds! :D

The 2nd day was filled with Halo once again, changing modes etc until the night where the BBQ started. That's when the games started to change to Foosball. And with that, it ended the night.

To those who have ORD-ed: take care and see ya guys around! :)

Just 2 weeks ago, me and 2 other friends decided to go on a pretty long cycling trip. In short, this time we took the same route as our BMT graduation march, from Changi all the way down to the end of East Coast Park.

Too bad the end of East Coast wasn't completed yet so we could only catch a glimpse of the Singapore Flyer and MBS but not actually there.

It was quite a gruelling journey haha, din't have much rest points, and furthermore we started from Pasir Ris, which meant another 6km of extra distance. Well, factoring in the final section that we missed, I guessed it was just nice 24km all the way there. The Changi coastal road was indeed still as boring as ever, just that long straight path down that I even got bored while on the bike, let alone walking. The East Coast portion was much better too, with more sceneries and stuff, but from one end to the other end, it was really tiring... Not to mention it was only a one way trip and we had to make our way back D:

Thankfully we took a shorter way back via Bedok Reservoir side and that took like half the time we took to get there?

Really been sometime since I last cycled long distances, was pretty much the slowest of the group throughout the journey but it was indeed enjoyable.

Let's go again some other time! :D

Looking at general direction where some of the anime series this season is heading, perhaps it was the Shin Sekai Yori's after effect that suddenly spawned two series that had almost the same setting as it had? Well, for those who have yet to watch Shin Sekai, perhaps the recent plot development for Gargantia and MJP might have been surprising, but after experiencing the final conclusion of Shin Sekai, this two didn't come up just as good as it had if it was the first to show the same development.

Let's just start with Gargantia first:

After watching the latest episode, I think I can safely conclude that both the people on Earth and Ledo are living on the same timeframe, just that due to natural disturbances or the lack of it on Earth, that the Hideauze on Earth is less aggressive than the ones that Ledo faces in the federation.

So what exactly are the Hideauze, or what I expect them to be was the evolution of certain creatures, but no, boy was I shocked to see what they explained the Hideauze to be. Shocked in a way that it immediately reminded me of Shin Sekai Yori...

Yes, the Hideauze are humans of the previous generations.

Wow. Humans. Now where have I seen this development before...

Based on their history, the humans of the previous generation have decided to evolve themselves into a form where they are able to travel across space and be able to live in vacuum itself. And hence developing the form of the Hideauze to achieve that goal. Which in short, there were 2 factions, the Evolvers and the Continential Union where one supported the "evolution" whereas the other condemns it. Ultimately, it most probably succeeded and that's why Ledo was faced with those menacing creatures out in space while he was still a soldier. Furthermore, Ledo now knows that he probably belongs to the Continential Union

that denies the evolution since from the old videos, the wormhole that was shown does show some resemblance to the ones that Ledo had used in the first episode. Now that remains a question, so what exactly are there Hideauze on Earth? According to the project, the humans, now in the forms of Hideauze, ventures across space to find a suitable home and thats why they took up that form, so are the Hizeauze on Earth the remains of those who were unable to escape Earth? I believe that now Ledo might seriously consider Amy's suggestion since now he realise that what he has been killing and massacring in their breeding ground, were actually humans.

And this final scene of Chamber killing one of the Hideauze that Ledo knows and remembers from the video. A girl. Now that's some plot changing development... 4 more episodes left and I wonder how are they wrap things up.

Similarly in MJP, the pilots realise that their own enemies were also humans as well. In this case, the subject of Wulgaru who were once though of as aliens, are now revealed to be humans too, of the previous generations.

The history behind the Wulgaru, was that they were the "humans" of many many generations ago, and to prevent any more devolution of their species, the Wulgarus decide to spread their seeds or offsprings, to other planets and hope that with their seeds adapting to the new environment, by the time they head over to hunt and kill them, they would be able to obtain "genes" to prevent their own devolution. And for Izuru and the others, they were just one of the few seeds that the Wulgarus have spread and thus, were being hunted down now. Thankfully for them, one of the Wulgaru, Teoria, handed down the technologies of the Wulgaru fighters which were further developed into AHSMB units that the team is using right now.

Now isn't the setting pretty similar as to the rest?

What interests me most now is the history behind Izuru and Teoria. From Teoria, what she explains is that she and Izuru were quite close in the past and could almost be called friends, which makes me wonder who exactly is Izuru? Perhaps he is a Wulgaru too? That might clearly be possible since no one actually knows the history behind the pilots as their memories got all wiped out. Wouldn't it be cool if Izuru was actually some prince in the Wulgaru ranks? And hence the name: Majestic Prince? Haha, its all speculations but this series does indeed seems promising. Looking for more mecha actions next time round too!

Moving on to Valvrave, this time, we got not 1, but 2 new Valvraves being introduced. With pilots Raizo Yamada, or preferably called "Thunder" and Inuzuka. There was much hinting for the duo to become pilots in some point in time, but just that I wasn't as satisfied with the choice of pilots here. Izunuka is fine, but why Thunder? He does seem pretty out of place as a pilot to me.. Although his Valvrave which uses quite brute force does suit him in some way...

Seeing how L-Elf plans his attacks really reminds me of Lelouch from Code Geass, but what exactly is he planning to do, since I was wondering why didn't he change the battle plan, while all along knowing that the main force was just a decoy. It does seem that he really wanted the Valvraves to be sortied but for what purpose? Now the only Valvrave left is the purple one, whose pilot is still unknown as of now. It might seem unlikely that Shouko would be piloting one (although I do hope that she does) since she still remains just good enough for background support, but the window is clearly open for L-Elf who might just step into the purple Valvrave and command the team from there. Now wouldn't that be cool?

I really do find it weird in seeing how the Valvraves are designed. Somehow only Haruto's Valvrave looks the most normal, with the others either having spider legs or spider arms. Inuzuka's Valvrave looks alright as well, but honestly spider arms ... =.=

The plot is finally picking up the pace right now after L-Elf questions Takumi-sensei, who reveals that the whole of Module 77 was all created for the Valvraves and that almost every adult living in it are soldiers. Well, that was kinda expected seeing how they even have Valvrave fitted catapults and the other weapons that that module has, which just doesn't pass off as a normal civilian city. So now perhaps the revelation of the secret of the Valvraves is inching closer bit by bit and I'm now excited to see the last Valvrave in action!

Now for some updates on upcoming events:

Cosfest this year would be on 6th and 7th July 2013 @ Downtown East. Finally its coming! :D

and of course: AFA!

This time round, AFA makes a comeback to Suntec City (always loved that place) and would be held over 3 days (which I believe the first day would be a concert day), 8,9,10 November. Can't wait to see the artiste lineup for this year too! :)And here's Miku's LIVE @ Kansai with Secret Police. Now that is some dramatic entrance :D
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