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Summer 2013 Anime Episodic Review Round 2!

This time we talk about the first episodes for Kiniro Mosaic, Fantasista Doll, Love Lab and the second episode of Free!



The hilarity, the lolis, the moe, THE EXTREMELY BAD ENGLISH! God this show is great!

Kiniro Mosaic, as the initial description would have you believe, is a story about a little British girl transferring to a little Japanese school to meet with her little Japanese friend and do little multicultural things. However, the bulk of this episode was a flashback. A flashback into the reason little British girl went to Japan in the first place, and that was because little Japanese girl had a homestay with her when they were younger. Friendship bloomed, adorable loli antics commence, and heartwarming failures that is enough to send a man to the hospital occur in its length. This in turn got little British girl interested to go to Japan (and possible turn into a weaboo), thus starting the whole premise of the show.

Opinion: Fucking adorable, nuff said

Overall: Great+

Top tier show, right here.



With a background text like that, this might as well be a Shaft Show!

What do you get when you take the K-ON character archetypes, split them apart, then make a new plot for them to get back together? Well folks, it's Love Lab. In a nutshell, Love Lab is our yuri dose for this season, with the ever present K-ON character archetypes. You have the brash and spunky Ritsu-type, the elegant and ditzy Mio-type, the somewhat yuri fantasizing Mugi-type, the freshman Azusa-type, but no genius Yui-type for this show. The consolation being the creepy megane-type, who exist in other all-girls shows.

What happens in Love Lab is a hilarious slapstick comedy about a girl who is romantically inept and gets a girl, who's unlucky(lucky?) enough, to find her in one of her "practice session" to help her with her problem. What follows are several antics that SHOULD break romantic anime tropes, but just goes "screw it" and has fun bringing said trope to the extreme. From a chance meeting while "Running late for school with a bread" to "Dropping my handkerchief and have him pick it up for me", this show is pretty deranged in its approach at breaking these tropes. Still, it's still the best comedy of the season so far!

Overall: Good+

Watch it, good laughs, and something a little different.


BTW, I never watch slice-of-lifes as they air. I prefer to wait 'til they finish and marathon them (=w=)



After the darkness that was Madoka, it is refreshing to see some shows slowly returning to the original mahou shoujo themes, which was teenage girls fighting for world peace (I think).

Fantasista Dolls is a story of this girl who won a Magic: The Gather (Crunchyroll subs, you better be right about this) tournament as a little girl. Years pass from said event, and now Uzume is a middle-schooler. On a fateful day, she finds a strange electronic device placed in her bag by some guy on the train. Later, after some ridiculous sign up procedures, she finds out it is a device used for summoning Fantasista Dolls, this series's magical girls. She uses summoned doll, Sasara, to fight of some weird ninja doll because of "reasons". Eventually, the fight ends and Uzume goes home, only to find out that there are 4 more dolls awaiting a bath. After they bathe, the man who gave Uzume her card device appears, a man named Lord Rafflesia, to congratulate Uzume for becoming a card master. The episode ends on a wondering tone.

Opinion: With the amount of strange Dialogue here, coupled with the different approach to having a Mahou Shoujo anime, this show is already like an amalgam of themes here and there!

1) The card motifs, not only do they parody a real life card game, but the entire magical aspect of the show revolves around them. Dolls are summoned (Or "Awakened"), given equipment, and called back (or "Rejected") using the card device and it's spawned cards. Cards come from the device too, as in literally drawn out of the device into reality. In any case, this very much reminds me of Digimon Tamers. Not only do the dolls come from a digital device, but they are also powered up by cards, AND they battle other Doll oweners/Card Masters.

2) The dolls themselves are like The Fate Series's servants. They call Uzume "Master", they're all fighting in a tournament like thing, and the purpose of all this hasn't even been revealed yet!

3) The dolls uttered the said they weren't able to move freely for awhile, they they weren't able to take a bath for awhile. This really gave Toy Story 2 feels.

I guess I've rambled enough for this show. Anyway, this show is interesting enough, while completely jumping over common sense in a lot of part, but that's what you do in Mahou Shoujo shows right?

Overall: Good

I would recommend to watch this, for the weirdness and for the fact that the director of Code Geass is handing this show.

FREE! 2:


Somehow, this episode has more plot development AND eye candy than the first episode. Something of note too is that Gou plays a more significant role as it's revealed that she was the one who tied everything together for our boys' reunions. She also represents a majority of the females watching this show and fangirling over all the manservice. It's amusing when an anime knows its fans. There's also a lot told about how Rin and Haruka came to be with some flashbacks explaining how Rin came to be a dick and why Haruka quit competitive swimming. If there's anything to criticize in this episode it's that all the music from the first episode was reused here and it was WAY TOO OBVIOUS. Also and more importantly, the transitioning between scenes was pretty rough making following the story a little bit of a chore but not so much that it would irritate you. Maybe leave you going "Woah, what just happened?" and all.

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