Saturday, July 13, 2013

TFAW: New Superman Series Unleashes a Heroic Summer

With Man of Steel debuting June 14 and Superman's 75th anniversary coming up, we're set to have a SUPER summer, and DC Comics is adding to the excitement!

Scott Snyder and Jim Lee are launching the new ongoing comic book series in June. Scott Snyder has headlined some incredibly popular series, including and , and Jim Lee is a modern legend, so this is a series with some serious buzz.

We've got a lot of excellent Superman titles for new and longtime fans--make sure to point them toward classics like ,, and , as well as newer graphic novels like , , and .

Superman Fans stop by our --our all-in-one source for and toys, DC's , and more!


There's never been a better time to be a fan of Dark Horse Comics, as they prepare to make some big debuts--and pass some major milestones--this summer!

Halo is one of the world's biggest video game franchises, with more than $3 billion in sales over its lifetime--which makes Dark Horse's upcoming one to watch. Dark Horse is known for its superior licensed comics, and after the success of its and , Halo is sure to be a high-profile book.

DH's other big debut is actually quite tiny: Art Baltazar and Franco , reimagine Mike Mignola's iconic and characters in this new kids' series. This announcement got a lot of attention at Chicago's C2E2 convention!

Classic superhero fans make sure to visit our special page. Dark Horse is rebooting classic heroes like and , and introducing newer titles like and , by Francesco Francavilla!

Need more excitement? The finales of and hit a fever pitch this summer, new and series debut, and more!



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