Saturday, August 24, 2013

Buckle Up for Riding Shotgun on Mondo Media

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Flash Origin in 'Arrow'


The CW confirmed that it will feature an origin story for Barry Allen as the Flash in episodes 8, 9, or 20 of the second season of Arrow, according to Deadline. Casting is about to begin for the character, which is new to Arrow. The Flash is also being considered for a spin-off series of its own for The CW, depending on the reaction to the episode.

Animation Magazine

Disney Releases 'Get a Horse!' Images


Walt Disney Animation Studios has released two animation cel images from the new Mickey Mouse short Get A Horse! which will make its United States debut at the 2013 D23 Expo in Anaheim, Calif. Next week.

The cel features Mickey Mouse as he invites his favorite gal pal Minnie to join him on a musical haywagon ride in the short Get A Horse!. The short, which stars Walt Disney himself as the voice of Mickey, made its world premiere at the Annecy Festival in June.


Buckle Up for Riding Shotgun on Mondo Media


Don't hate. Assassinate. That's the mantra of Riding Shotgun, Nate Bowden and Tracy Yardley's original graphic novel series that we published back in 2006, a story that revolves around Doyle and Abby who embark on an exciting new life as freelance professional assassins. First adapted as a motion comic for TOKYOPOP-TV, Riding Shotgun is finding new life today as a short film which we're releasing in cooperation with the animation mavens over at Mondo Media (Happy Tree Friends). (Please note: the short contains some material that may be NSFW). The short, directed by Michael Davis (Shoot 'Em Up) and animated by Copernicus Studios, captures the essence of what we loved about Riding Shotgun and brings it to fully animated life.


Images, Video for 'X-Men: DoFP'


Director Bryan Singer has tweeted two more pictures from the set of X-Men: Says of Future Past, and the studio's launched a viral marketing Trask Industries Website. The Trask Industries Website promotes an eerily-deadpan generic corporate image, including a bland 47-second TV advertisement celebrating the company's 50 Year Anniversary that's garnered over 1.5 million views on YouTube since launching July 30th.



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