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Code Geass Falling Back Down to Earth (Well America at Least)! Me Falling for Cosplay and More People Wanting Sekirei Season 3 ASAP!

Hello! Like usual sorry it took me so long to get this post up; I've just been recovering still and helping out with the Anime Club. Due to my lateness I have quite a bit of news! At Otacon in Baltimore a couple weeks ago FUNimation announced several series that they have recently been picked up for dubbing and re-releasing. The ones that made me and others the happiest was FUNi picking up Code Geass R1, R2 and Akito the Exiled! Shortly after this announcement was made a lot of people questioned if FUNimation was picking it up to re-dub it or re-release it. the answer is- re-release! Like FUNi always does with something that was already dubbed, they just re-release with their own DVD (mostly likely Blu-ray as well) cover, disc menu, ect... The one being dubbed will be the four OVA's Akito the Exiled because, well, they haven't been dubbed at all and aren't even all out in Japan yet. Plus of course of all new characters, and I'm sure they can always try to call in C.2. and Suzaku's voice actors when they pop up in Akito the Exiled. FUNimation would probably only re-dub Cardcaptor Sakura if they picked it up, which a lot of people are still wishing for because the Kids' WB dub was the worst dub ever.

However, considering all the times the 2nd OVA was pushed back on premiere dates and just came out about a week ago in Japan; it will take a while for all four to be released here if FUNimation dubs it and releases the first one in the next year or so. In the title I wrote falling back down to Earth because where I live, it's like it fell off the face of the Earth! I could not find it anywhere after the 'Anime Ledgends' collectors edition was no longer being sold on rightstuf. Anyway, FUNimation picking those up for re-release was a great decision. Maybe well get it back on Toonami once Soul Eater gets to its finale episode shown; though Toonami really needs to pull back its time... please start at 7 p.m. Brotherhood that late... yeah, glad I've seen it all and plan on buying it. Alright back to the announcement. You can see their complete list of what they licensed here on their latest video of 'The FUNimation Show'!

Le link-

Here is also another very chiv preview I found of the second OVA of Akito the Exiled.

La link?-

Those of you who have read my past blog posts know that I am super excited to finally be cosplaying Saya Kisaragi from Blood C at conventions; so onto next part of the title. A few weeks ago a show called 'Heroes of Cosplay' premiered on the SyFy channel. Watching previews, it looked interesting so I auto-tunned the premiere episode and quickly fell in love with it. Mostly due to all that CLAMP character cosplays they showed- keep that up!

However, after the first episode premiered, there was a lot of mixed reviews. Everyone has their own opinions; mine is that I like the show and would suggest it to anyone who likes cosplay, makes cosplay, wants to learn about cosplay and really just anything that has to do with cosplay, anime/manga, and comics.

Still staying on this topic, but now to relating to the first topic. Yep I'm talking about Yaya Han cosplaying C.2. from a Code Geass CLAMP illustration! Knowing it was straight from a CLAMP illustration I had to ask if she know about them. I tweeted her and a few minutes later she tweeted me back saying that she did and grew up reading their works; their debut RG Veda being her first CLAMP manga she read.

After watching the episode, her tweeting me back, and reading more of her posts/tweets; Yaya Han has become an inspiration to me to try to start making my own cosplay.

Here is most of what Yaya posted on her Facebook page the next day the episode aired-

"A lot of questions have come up regarding how I made the C.C. costume from Code Geass, so here is some info on it.

Why I chose this costume:

I grew up reading manga by CLAMP and have always been highly influenced by their style of design in my art. When CLAMP did the character designs for Code Geass, I had to watch the series. Even though the show did not click with me, C.C.'s beauty and melancholy did. She has many costumes in the show and illustrations, and this butterfly dress was my favorite."

"I know I'm not as waify skinny as C.C. but I wanted to make the costume anyway. I've always been very vocal about cosplaying whatever character you want, no matter what your body type is. Not only do I just talk about it, I do it myself all the time." I was pretty upset when there began a lot of controversy of body size for cosplay. From how it was shown on the episode people began to think Yaya only wants people who are skinny to cosplay; however that is not the true story at all. She believes you can cosplay anything you want no matter your body type which she had posted and tweeted about after the episode aired. Plus it's CLAMP. I'll be cosplaying Saya Kisaragi, I'm almost 19, only weigh 95 pounds (I promise I eat quite a bit though; just my fruity, terrible at gaining weight body), but I know I'll never be as skinny as Saya. I also believe no matter your body type, if you love anime and cosplay; go for it!

"How I made this costume:

I made the templates for the butterflies and cut out trim by cutting up the actual CLAMP artwork and sizing it up on the computer to myself. My friends Jessica and Megan helped me trace out the templates to make patterns, and together we transferred all the patterns onto fabric with markers, which I already cut and sewed into the skirts. I'm very thankful for their help because I was on a deadline, and having 2 extra pairs of hands to draw out the pattern saved me hours of work.

Then I cut out all the trim and butterflies with a soldering tool, which took many days of breathing fumes and sore/burnt fingers. I thought, if a lasercutter uses heat to cut designs into fabric, why couldn't I use a soldering iron? i don't have a lasercutter, so in a way the technique I tried out was a poor man's manual labor lasercutting LOL. Thankfully the technique worked well on the heavy satin I chose. I had to place a fan next to me after a while to blow the fumes away because the iron tip was cutting synthetic fibers. Not healthy for your brain to inhale.... You also need a good surface to cut on, such as metal or glass. I used an old cooking sheet!!

After aaaaalllll the trim was cut, I made the bodice, which is boned and lined in coutil. I made a big butterfly template and transferred it to satin, then to heat-n-bond and ironed the satin butterfly to skintone fabric, for the center of the bodice. I also made the sleeves, choker, shoulder straps and a red petticoat to wear over the hoopskirt for extra fluffy cupcake-ness! Lastly, I made the giant hair pieces, which was actually a lot of fun! i love beading and making intricate detailed stuff." Oh how I wish I could just be awesome like that and make my own cosplay! I'm not the best when it comes to sowing haha. If I do start making my own cosplay the first one would have to be Kobato! Love Kobatos' cute dresses and hats; plus I'd get to carry around an Ioryogi that won't charcoal me if I mess something up! Anyway, after seeing Yaya look beautiful in her C.2. cosplay, I think she should go for making a Yuko illustration outfit~ Speaking, well writing about Yuko, it's now time for some CLAMP news! It took them several months longer than expected, but CLAMP-net is finally back up! The website now has a little bit more to it like a work/event schedule, adding their recent series releases, blog posts; oh and the website look is defiantly super cute to boot.

The characters and mascots in these pictures were all made of clay! If you click on their link tab you can find a link to more info on the clay characters. And of course here is the link to the updated site-

Along with the updated website; the ladies have created their own Facebook page! You can find both that and their Twitter link on the site. Not done yet though. Nanase has made her own Twitter profile and will mostly just be used for her tweetcasting, you can follow her by going to this link- Lastly with the CLAMP news, this illustration was their contribution to the 'Ah! Megami-sama' or 'Oh My Goddess! Anthology'!

Never seen it, have been wanting to watch it, and defiantly now because of this beautiful CLAMP illustration =D Onto the final part of my title! All the Sekirei fans are wanting season 3 out as soon as possible. From writing it on forums, asking the company to get to it and to creating a buns load of petitions. The long wait is due to season 2 skipping quite a bit in the manga, so the manga needs more chapters out unless you want it to pull an X and probably go in a different direction. Also the animation company, Seven Arcs, is currently working on another series which is getting a lot of popularity. Like I always say with situations like this, show your support by buying the DVD and Blu-ray releases. Buy one for your friends, or tell your friends to buy one for themselves, for you, for their aunt, uncle sibling, or even their invisible bird Charlotte! Until then, it looks like we'll just have to wait quite a bit longer for an official announcement on that, but like others, I'm wishing it's soon! By the next post I'll probably have a new convention announcement due to my unfortunate missing of Saboten this weekend. Finally, like always, thanks for reading and like Namae's Facebook for faster updates-
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