Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fun Stuff: 1 Year Anniversary

Hey, readers! It's been one year since I've started this blog, and I wanted to do a little bit to celebrate my past year of watching anime, reading manga, listening to Asian music, and being an otaku. Let's check out what I've been up to and what new favorites I've picked up since stumbling into the world of otaku blogging!

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: BECOMING GOBOIANO'S MUSIC/ENTERTAINMENT WRITERI'm quite obviously obsessed with Asian music of all kinds and learning more about the entertainment aspects of the "Cool Japan" movement, so it's been an honor working with Goboiano to write material promoting it. Because of my work through the site, I feel as if I've been able to dive in deeper to Japan and Korea's music industry and fall more thoroughly in love with it, and I'm so happy to join the company as they evolve and grow stronger!Here are some of my favorite articles I've written for GB over the past year:

FAVORITE NEW ANIME TITLES:AKB0048Suisei no GargantiaChuunibyouJinrui wa Suitai ShimashitaDaily Lives of High School BoysKarnevalMagiPsycho PassKFree

PAIRINGS THAT I'VE STARTED SHIPPING:YuutaxRikka (Chuunibyou) (Kiss in the next season, pretty please?)DekomorixNibutani (Chuunibyou)JuubeixKazuki (GetBackers)ShiroxKuroh (K)MunakataxSuoh (K)RintarouxKurisu (Steins;gate)HarukaxKantarou (Tactics)HarukaxIchinose (Uta no Prince-sama)GarekixNaixYogi (Karneval)LedoxAmy (Suisei no Gargantia)

MOST LISTENED TO TRACKS:"Kimi ni Mune Kyun"- cast of Maria Holic

"Hologram"- NICO Touches the Walls

"Sexy, Free & Single"- Super Junior

"Trust Me" Yuya Matsushita


"Sherlock (CLUE+NOTE)"- SHINee

"Knock Out"- GD&TOP

"Lucifer"- SHINee

"Love Like Oxygen"- SHINee

"Oblivious"- Kalafina




NEW FANFICS (RATED T TO M, ALL ARE SLASH FOR MY FANGIRLS, DON'T READ IF UNDERAGE!) (X- Subaru/Seishirou) (Dragon Age- fCousland/Alistair, fAmell/Cullen, mTabris/Zevran, mMahariel/Morrigan, fBrosca/Lelianna, slight fAeducan/Gorim) (Tsubasa Chronicle- Kurogane/Fai, Subaru/Seishirou, Kamui/Fuuma) (xxxHolic- Doumeki/Watanuki) (Fire Emblem- Ike/Soren) (Fire Emblem- Ike/Soren) (GetBackers- Juubei/Kazuki) (Tsubasa Chronicle AU- Kurogane/Fai with background Doumeki/Watanuki, Yuuko/Clow, King Ashura/Taishakuten, Ashura/Yasha) (xxxHolic- Doumeki/Watanuki) (xxxHolic- Doumeki/Watanuki) (Tsubasa Chronicle- Kurogane/Fai)


CLAMP no Kiseki + figurines

Code Geass Boxset (includes OST, art book, and sound episodes)Tokyo Babylon OmnibusDouWata/104 DoujinshiNatsume Yuujinchou Season 4 Boxset (includes art book)GD&TOP posterTOP phone charmTactics BoxsetMokona hatComplete Tsubasa manga set
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