Friday, August 23, 2013

Guilty Crown

Finished watching this anime quite a long time ago, but never had the opportunity to post a review up. No spoilers, just thoughts.

I liked the artwork. xD It was mainly refreshing for my innocent eyes. :3 There weren't a lot of fan service type of characters and I really liked that. Some of the outfits are... interesting though because it is a bit too skin tight. But I like school uniforms and that's basically what you see most of the time. :3 Only downside is that I think there was nudity at one point? Not really sure. I can't really remember. ;A;

The story was a bit confusing (for me) and it's slow. You can follow along, but you don't really understand some parts of the story until literally half way through the anime when you discover a lot of interesting facts and crazy things that just explains most things to you. Now once you reach the end... I have a lot of friends that tell me that they didn't like the ending. It really could have been better. It seems like they ended it that way just to end it. :/ The ending is way too vague and confusing. I don't even know what happened myself until I read discussions online about what others thought happened.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed the series for the most part. It fulfills what it generally wanted to fulfill and that's the main point of the story. If you are looking for likable characters or well done character developments, this isn't the anime for you. Also, if you watched Code Geass, then you MIGHT enjoy Guilty Crown or you'll hate it... The creators of Code Geass, Death Note, and I believe Macross F joined together and created Guilty Crown so I definitely see resemblances. A lot of people won't agree and are free to disagree with me, but GC is very similar to CG in my opinion. Not up to par at all. I still liked Lulu until the end and my feelings for Shu was iffy. The soundtrack is AMAZING though. I personally love it. xD Egoist!!! For those that want a bit of romance, I also cried watching so there are touching moments. However, the romance could have really been worked on. A lot of the romance wasn't developed well and it seems everything is more of fate than actual love.^^"

It seems to me that my review is much more generous than all the GC reviews online though. Read up on some of them instead of mine since I'm far too generous. For example, I've already recommended this anime to a few friends. Soooo... To sum up my confusing review...

PROS: Visuals, artwork, action, music

CONS: Vague and confusing ending, vague and confusing mecha, lack of character development, lack of character personalities, lack of many likable characters, amateur romance


Artwork: 10/10

Story: 5/10

Overall: 6/10
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