Thursday, August 29, 2013

Project Movieball Post 2

Hello Again!

I'll keep the Intro short on this one, Watch for a second update directly after this one, But now, Movieball Day 2!


- First picture today - The SimpsonsSweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet StreetHome AloneA.ILand of the Giants (awesome band, no matter how much the lead singer wants to kill me for adding this album)

- Picture 2 - 300Spiderman SeriesMementoThe Social NetworkMinority ReportWall-E

- Picture 3 - Hanna28 Days Later SeriesSleepy HollowIron Man

- A solo Sin City Picture - (Drawn while on set for Bender)

- Picture 5 - WeezerGackt (Japanese singer)Fatboy SlimEasy AWar of the Worlds (Spielberg movie, yes I like it)

- Picture 6 - CoralineJunoKick-AssConstantine

- Picture 7 - Super Mario SeriesHow I Met Your MotherDave Matthew's BandDead Space Series

- Picture 8 - WathmenHunger gamesSupersize MeSuper 8 (complete with Lens Flare)

- Picture 9 - Super Smash BrosCirque Du SoleilBreaking BenjaminAtrium (awesome Band, Check them out, the Singer is awesome. the rest of the band is too, but I know the singer! Tell them Devon sent you)

- Picture 10 - Big Bang TheoryCode GeassBattlestar GalacticaThe Office

So that's it for today! Follow to stay up to date with this collassal Project!

Another post will be up shortly!
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