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Review of Guilty Crown

as we are gone on vacation and don't have much time to watch anime nor review the latest episodes, I thought it would be a good idea to post a review about an anime I've watched last year that I thought was....m you'll see. I posted this review else where, so you may have seen it, but i will now be posting it here.

Guilty Crown must be one of the largest flops I've seen in a while. It came out with so much promise and with a huge budget at its disposal. There are several reasons for this large flop, the characters being either unchanged from the start or becomes a polar opposite from what they were, cramming too many ideas in one and the ripping off of ideas, holes in the plot. With these few ideas it destroyed this anime and turned it into the pile of crap that it became.

If one looks at the characters we'll see that some character like Shu are incredibly depressed for most of the anime, at first he no reason to be then Hare died, but that turned him into a an iron fisted ruler. He created the school into a fascist dream where the strongest where on top and preyed or commanded the weak, not because they were strong or weak, but because their void was stronger. The person themselves could be incredibly smart or strong, but their void could not be, or it could be but be of no use, so ranked lower. Then eventually Shu goes back into depressive mode and lumbers around being all depressed for no real reason, maybe because he realizes how a terrible ruler he was, but one must remember this was not originally his idea though he ran off with it. Then there is Gai, a pretty cool person, he has a strong will and independent from the rest of the people, but in the end he becomes the tool of this organization headed by Yuu, wishing to create a new human race, stating not whether how it will be done or what is wrong with the current human race. The only thing that we can get out of it is that the want to destroy the human race with the "lost Christmas" technique which is giving everyone that crystalline cancer. One more thing about characters before it is off to the next point, why is every girl falling for Shu, he is just a depressive guy that never really does anything besides shows off his power of removing people's hearts and being of need when needed (though this isn't a bad thing), he isn't really anything to be proud of. Then the Ayase was saying that he gave her courage, no more like she gave him courage by kicking him in the butt a lot, especially for a person in a wheel chair.This anime was a complete rip off of one of the better anime of the last decade Code Geass. The first thing to know that it is a rip off is the short forms; Guilty Crown-GC, Code Geass-CG, just a switch of the letters. Then look at some of the characters, a girl in a wheel chair, a main character boy who has a super natural power, mechas, a bad guy who won't die, a secret organization, the destruction of Japan, to name a few. Yes it is okay to make a copy of another anime, half of the anime out there are like that, but to do it at such an extent is just plain ridicules. And many of these ideas never come to any real form, the mechas for example, they were there and the viewer knows about them, but there were only a few fight scenes with them and how they work wasn't really explained, like how can a person separate from the mecha can still be hurt. Now look at the super natural powers they had, Lelouch had the power that he can command people to his every wish with his Geass in his eye, Shu has the power to control everyone's void (heart). They both use their powers to their advantages and not for the common good, if it is for the common good they have something to gain as well, something large. A bad guy who doesn't dies, in Code Geass with have Jeremiah Gottwald (a.k.a orange boy), and in GC there is Yan Daryl, who no matter what happens to them, they are some way or another they come out alive from the accident or atrocity. There is a secret organization or even race one could say as we have whoever it was that started the Geass power in CG and then we have Yuu in GC who is some sort of alien being that Shu must overcome. In CG Japan has been taken over by Britannia and they are being treated poorly by their overlords, while in GC the U.N. has power over Japan and will not give power back to the Japanese people. At one point in GC the U.N. vote to destroy Japan, when on earth has the U.N. has ever voted for such a thing? Never. This will be explained more in the next point.There are so many holes within the plot of GC it is not funny, just take a look at Shu's void power first it starts off that he can take the void out but it knocks the person out, but then out of nowhere when they kill Mana he is able to take it out without knocking out people, then later on he tells us his power has changed slightly. Yes that is understandable, but one sees later on that some people are knocked out when he takes out the void and some aren't, now that is a contradiction. Gai was supposedly a child soldier in Africa, how does he end up there? It isn't like people are doing the slave trade from Japan back to Africa, it is the opposite. And one can be assured there are plenty of children in Africa that can supply the demand of child soldiers, not that it is a good thing. It is just too expensive for them to import a child from Japan to fight for them when they have a large supply right in front of them the war lords of Africa. Then someone might say that Gai went there on his own free will, now which normal child will go to a foreign continent to fight, not many, and if they did most likely they were fighting for a politically ideology which was never mentioned. Yuu which is said to be an alien species or something like that is on earth to create a new better version of the human race, why on earth would an alien species do that? Last time I check they wouldn't want to destroy almost the entire human race in order to do this, or if they were destroying the human race, it would be to destroy the human race and not to help it. And the U.N voting to destroy Japan, that would never happen as it is unprecedented and it would violate one of the U.N. charters, the one about genocide. The only reason why the U.N. in GC wants to destroy Japan is that the people are consider to be full of this crystalline cancer, but this would be killing off people who are not infected by the crystalline cancer and those who may be infected the U.N. has medication to help those people. It was shown when the U.N. used some biological warfare on the funeral parlor, when they released the crystalline cancer they pricked themselves with a syringe to keep themselves from being affected by the cancer. Now if they have the power to cure the people of Japan or help prevent it, they wouldn't go off killing the people of Japan. One more factor that the U.N. would know is that this Lost Christmas would happen in any country, it just happen to be Japan, it is like when Chernobyl had its meltdown, the U.N. didn't order the world to destroy the Soviet Union (though if they did they may have been screwed). Nor did the U.N. tell the world to go out and destroy South Africa because of its high rate of HIV/AIDs.So looking at these three points, the plot holes, the rip off of other anime and the characters that are bipolar or static, one will see that this anime, Guilty Crown is a terrible anime. So if you do watch it you have been warned, you'll be wasting about 12 hours of your life for nothing.
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