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'Thor: The Dark World' HD Trailer

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Second 'Yoda Chronicles' Outing Premieres Sept. 4


The popular LEGO Star Wars franchise will return to the small screen as Cartoon Network premieres the second installment of their three-part series of CG animated specials, The Yoda Chronicles. The new comedy-actioner special, "Menace of the Sith," premieres Wednesday, September 4 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on the network.

Set in the prequel era of the smash hit sci-fi film series, Yoda Chronicles follows the small but powerful Jedi Master as he leads a fresh class of Padawans in a desperate fight to stop Darth Sidious and his minions from creating a new super-weapon that could crush the Republic and win the galaxy for the forces of evil. "Menace of the Sith" finds Darth Sidious introducing the new Sith clone JEK 14, an extremely powerful weapon of the dark side. However, JEK 14 has a mind of his own, instigating a battle of wills between Sith and Jedi in an attempt to win him over.


'Thor: The Dark World' HD Trailer


Disney has released a second trailer for Thor: The Dark World, the second film in Marvel Studios' post-Avengers Phase 2, which is set to open nationwide on November 8th. Alan Taylor is directing the second stand-alone Thor film, which features Chris Hemsworth as the hammer-toting Norse Deity, Natalie Portman as his human love interest, Anthony Hopkins as Odin, and Tom Hiddleston as the ever-conniving Loki.

Although the tone of this new trailer is dark indeed with Hopkins as Odin intoning, "Some believe that before the darkness there was nothing. They're wrong, there was darkness and it survived," Portman manages to add a dose of lively humor to the proceedings by slapping Loki and then adding an Avengers-themed quip, "That was for New York," and the levity continues in the trailer's final sequence as Thor dispatches a massive stone swordsman.


Major Props: Bringing Nausica 's M we Glider to Life


How many times have you been watching an anime and thought to yourself, "Sweet buttery shinigami! That would be so cool in real life"? If you're anything like us, then you've probably lost count. If you're anything like the men and women of the OpenSky Project, then you stopped thinking about it and started doing it. Lead by Kazuhiko Hachiya, the engineers and artists behind the project have created a working version of the M we Glider from Hayao Miyazaki's seminal film, Nausicaof the Valley of the Wind.

Animation Magazine

Fox Orders More 'Axe Cop,' 'High School USA!'


It looks like Fox is hungry for more of its new adult animated toons, Axe Cop and High School USA. The network has increased its orders for each show from the original six to 12 quarter-hour episodes. The shows scored over 1.5 million viewers during the new Animation Domination High Def block on Saturday, July 27.

"I thought to roll out 12 gives us a little more of an anchor," Nick Weidenfeld, the network's head of Animation Domination HD, told The Futon Critic. "We're just starting. It's also way better for production because we can get invested in those shows."



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