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Cool Products Monday, September 9, 2013

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. You can view all new J-List products by clicking .

TODAY'S NEWGate desktop calendar for 2014, illustrated by the huke. Preorders are open now -- El Psy Congroo!

From the timeless Miyazaki masterpiece, this fun Totoro calendar is sure to make every month fun, as you enjoy Totoro on your wall.

Evangelion, the defining anime of the 90s, continues to inspire the imaginations of all those who followed it. All the art for this calendar is brand new and never seen before!

Code Geass, Tiger and Bunny, Magi, Natsume Yujin, Anohana, Infinite Stratos, IdolM@STER, Toriko, Blue Exorcist, Naruto and more!

Plus, take a look at these newly restocked figures, ready to take home today, from Strike Witches, K-On, Infinite Stratos, and more.

If you're a member of the Zelda generation, we've got some great figures restocked today, including cute new Link figures + more.

Some of our favorite Star Wars related products from Japan restocked today. "That's no's an ice-powered battlestation of bourbon!"

Use the power of an Evangelion unit core to light your path with this great new high-powered LED flashlight!

Plus you'll find some other super kawaii items in fashion category, with cool tote bags, sakura pocket tissue cases, cat styled outerwear and many more.

We've got those fabulous 8-bit glasses back in stock, now in several different varieties. Not only are these extremely nerdy, they're also really good sunglasses!

Each issues is a true celebration of the richness of Japanese culture and life, with this issue's big feature on modern metal art. Highly recommended magazine!

One of our favorite traditional Japanese products is back in stock, an authentic sakura tree that blooms over 24-48 hours, right as you watch. It's great!

See CLANNAD, Rewrite, Kanon, Little Busters, and more wonderful Key games, plus Type-Moon's Mahoyo and other top visual novels from Japan.

Enjoy the art of calligraphy, now in three new colors of fude pens. Great for art projects too.

See a big update of Japanese pens, pencils and interesting study notebooks. Also, the cool Kezuri Cap pencil sharpeners!

Life is too short to use lame pens, so we restocked some of our favorites for you. Also, make your own awesome Japanese erasers with the sets we posted.

A new Lotte Toppo, the wonderful baked pretzel stick filled with chocolate, is now in a delicious sesame and chestnut flavor.

Sakuma Drops are the famous classic candy, now in a collector's special Mt. Fuji tin. A great retro candy treat!

We're happy to have these favorite DIY candy snacks restocked today, especially the extremely cool yummy gummy sushi.

A very nice plum themed bento box, with traditional stylings and a compact size, perfect for small eaters. Plus it comes with its own strap to hold it together.

Plus lots of other bento boxes and accessories, in a variety of colors and shapes, selected with our fantastic customers in mind.

For cat lovers or people who love all things cute, get these kawaii Nyanko Tongs. They look like adorable cat paws, so cute. Available in two colors.

And you'll need to bring all these great kitchen items home too, since they are sure to make your bento look delicious and wonderful. Restocked today.

For those just starting out on the quest to master Japanese, these books will help you pass the JLPT N3, N2 & N1. Fully updated for the new test levels!

Enjoy Japanese sake the way it was meant to be drank, in a earthenware cup and pitcher. Click to browse our other fun sake related products too.

Plus, check out our restocked traditional items too, with plenty of kawaii cuteness to be had, including Lucky Cat.

Fans of the super popular anime Watamote, check out these great fun items featuring everyone's favorite otaku girl Tomoko Kuroki.

The story continues in the Sword Art Online series, with this new reboot telling the side stories of Kirito and Asuna, and this limited edition comes with a rare Asuna figure.

Enjoy the cute and adorable girls of Henneko in kawaii swimsuits having fun on the beach with these 2 lovely Beach Queen figures of Tsukiko & Azusa.

The super cute heroine Mashiro Shiina from the fun romance anime The Pet Girl of Sakurasou gets a new figure. Also Benkei from Majikoi!


October issues of The Best Magazine are available, including superb digest content and pictures, live action DVDs and more! Other H-magazines too.

Enjoy volume 2 of the awesome photobook that pictures beautiful Japanese girls being splashed w/ water, causing all sorts of side effects.

Enjoy tons of beautiful art and juicy info in the latest issue of the popular magazine for fans of the steamier side of anime and games, published by Dengeki.

From ero master Gunma Kisaragi comes a new hentai manga featuring beautiful girls willing to suck cock in a communal apartment.

We have another great update of doujinshi just waiting for you to pick up including Oreimo, Infinite Stratos, Kankore, Valkyria Chronicles, and more.

See a ice update of ero manga, including Bitter Sun, Rapturious Moon, Itsu "H" Suru No? IMA Deshou! and Chonyu Bakunyu Co. Ltd. Lots of oppai.

If you're a fan of yuri manga about girls who love girls, we've got some fine ones restocked for you today. No men to be seen anywhere.

Check out these two amazing cast-off figures featuring Asuka from Senran Kagura and Iris from Seikai no Lorelei designed by master bishoujo illustrator Tony Taka!

See various artbooks restocked too, including Happoubi Jin's fabulous Classy Cranberry, plus the popular LL Candy series.

The monthly adult comic Action Pizazz teams up with SOD for this great high grade pocket size stress relief toy for adults.

Tamatoys delivers a very funny and amazing parody stress relief, aimed at our sweet lady customers, the Attack on Titan, dildo...

A big update of popular onahole toys, incl. the Starless Hole for fans of Seishojo's art, a fun tsundere hole w/two ways to play and more.

If you really love Hatsune Miku, you can bring your relationship with her to the next level thanks to the fun parody onahole toys we have in stock!

We've restocked our popular Groomin stylish male stress toys, similar to the Tenga Egg series but they resemble hair wax. You'll never get busted.

Akiho Yoshizawa is the perfect wife in this new Blu-Ray from Maxing, so dedicated to her husband that she'll give her body to help him.

One of the latest series from Prestige, focusing on school "extra-activities" is here, and we have selected the hot Shunka Ayami to introduce it to our customers!

Filmed like a horror movie checkout this new release in which 3 hot Japanese AV stars, including Kana Tsuruta, get attacked by a mysterious troll.

Famed Female lesbian director does it again with her latest Lesbian Nampa series in her 72th creation.


Finally, enjoy a nice volley of restocked ero DVDs and Blu-ray discs, including Lewd Female Teacher by Kana Yume, Beautiful Wife at Soapland starring Akiho Yoshizawa, 8-hour Blu-ray collections featuring Nana Usami, Kurumi Tachibana and Tsubomi (!), the popular "The Tentacle" series starring Hitomi Tanaka and more, Meisa Chibana's Lesbian Fan Thanks Festival and other great works, the delightful performances of Shunka Ayami, plus classic JAV stars like Mitsu Amai in a new series of releases.
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