Wednesday, September 4, 2013

day two

DAY TWO favorite anime you've watched so far

everyone else thinks i should be choosing death note or code geass or something huge and wow and impactful and deep but i'd really have to go with mirai nikki

i especially loved the thrills, the gore and the romance all mixed together. there are people who think that mirai nikki is a train wreck with random shit dumped together but hey, if it works for me, it works for me

the characters really stood out for me, especially yuno, who was my first yandere. initially she grew on me, yet she became more and more annoying and persistent, especially with her ways of dealing with yuki and akise aru. it was the last straw for me when she drugged and kidnapped yuki after promising to fulfill his one biggest dream of watching the stars with him; it was an outward betrayal of all the trust he's placed in her over and over again.

(it's so hard to type this out; i'm tripping over my own words)

(side note: yuno has sparked my interest in yandere and that led to my watching elfen lied which was a good thing too i really enjoyed it especially the gore and all the yanderes there ok bye)

that yuki returned to yuno despite all that she's put him through is just a testament to how blinded that fourteen-year-old was by his eventual love for yuno

at the expense of sounding cliched, mirai nikki was really a roller-coaster ride for me, with all the ups, downs, twists and turns. the one glaring (not really) twist was when deus revealed that although the body of the dead could be resurrected, the soul cannot, which was basically a huge middle finger to everything that yuki has been doing (read: killing everyone else to further advance his goal of being the next god so that he can resurrect them and his deceased parents again)

i chose mirai nikki over, say, code geass, death note, even shoujo animes like special A and ouran high mainly because it struck the nerve in me. (at the expense of being cliched again) and not just any nerve. the characters were unrealistic but realistic, they were so unique (yuki-sexual smart af detective wannabe, terrorists, teachers who lead double lives as murderers) yet so relatable

akise aru is one of my favorite characters of all time, and why?

firstly, he's hot as all hell, drop-dead gorgeous:

case in point one: qianwei thinks that he's so gorgeous that when i whatsapped the yeesh group with a picture of akise aru she didn't even realize the context/know who he was and she had already set him as her wallpaper

secondly, that voice. that voice. akira ishida was also the guy in the second computer room (angel beats), shuusei kagari (psycho-pass, he reminds of hikaru and kaoru from ouran high (hairstylethis was just another testament to how alone she thought she was in the world that nobody she loved would be around her when she died because there was nobody she loved and nobody loved her until nishijima appeared)

and after everything else the writers of mirai nikki managed to wrap everything up nicely by introducing the third timeline where everybody's happy apart from the third world's yuki and yuno who feel empty without each other

and second world's minene even gets her own demigod babies with third world's nishijima!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry for the crappy ending to today's post but just deal with it seriously
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