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Fall 2013 Anime Preview

It's that time again, and holy geez are there a ton of shows airing this fall.I'll preview the following as shows I intend to watch - but, as always, it will take a few episodes (three or so unless a series happens to be ungodly awful) for me to decide which I'll blog, which I'll watch and not blog, and which I'll drop.Take a gander below at what I'll be looking at, ranked by the following handy-dandy system:

****=super-excited for this show and plan to probably blog it

***=excited, but holding myself in check since I've been disappointed by this sort of potential before

**=crap shoot.Who knows what might come of it?

* = don't think I'll love it, but I'll give it a shot

It's highly likely I will blog the following: Samurai Flamenco, Valvrave, Neppu Kairiku Bushiroad, Pupa, Kyoukai no Kanata, and GITS Arise.(I hope to blog Diabolik as well, but we'll see how the show goes before I commit).


This series has, in fact, already started airing (as of the day of this writing, I believe) and as such is the odd duck out of nearly all the rest of the fall shows I'm watching (which begin airing largely in October).This is the season's showpiece otome - one with a distinctly supernatural slant.A young girl, Komori Yui, moves to a new town and a new night school - and finds herself living with six unusual boys.Otome can be incredibly hit or miss when it comes to anime adaptations, so while I hope to blog this series I'll reserve my judgment until I've seen some of it.The scars from Amnesia will not soon fade, apparently.


I'm a little unsure of where Kill La Kill is going to go - it's an original series, for starters, with some interesting word of mouth behind it.The basic plot: the student council president rules students by force until a scissor-sword wielding rebel comes along.At best, this plot could be fun: a pulp Tarantino-esque series about what happens when badass girls start beating the crap out of each other in school.Or it could be a horrible trainwreck.Jury's out on this one.


This is one of the shows I'm looking forward to the most, because it looks like a hoot.A young man has decided to become the superhero Samurai Flamenco in spite of the fact that he has no particular superhero attributes - and then a cop learns his identity by accident.The animation looks promising, the storyline holds potential to be both amusing and interesting, and I think this will be one of the fall's better shows.


Another series that shows promise, and one based on onmyouji (I've seen this translated as 'magician' or 'magician-like person,' but the concept is more complex than that).A powerless boy in a powerless family must fulfill his promise to his estranged sister and become her familiar.Again, this one has a good vibe to me and the promise of a good fantasy plot with intriguing elements.Fingers crossed.


I will indeed be returning again to the nonsense clusterfuck known as Valvrave, if only so that I can entertain myself with thirty minutes of wtf per week.I have no idea how the show intends to resolve the bajillion plotlines it unleashed in the final of the first season, but I look forward to watching them try.And if you're unfamiliar with the series, let me enlighten you: mecha, vampires, secret societies, schoolchildren-turned-isolated society, spies, war, jealousy, princes.There.Put that in a blender, mix it up with Code Geass, and you're good.


I can't deny myself a kitsune anime, so here we are again.A girl at a shrine becomes the shrine's successor when her "spirit guide" (a fox) appears - unfortunately, he turns out to be foulmouthed and lazy.This sounds a lot like Kamisama Hajimemashita, and I love that series, so I'm skeptical of how well this one will follow.We'll see.


I don't know if it's this one or Gingitsune that will fall off my schedule - or both - but I wanted to give this series a chance since it focuses on, of all things, college kids.The protagonist has lost his memory along with his soul, which has escaped into a spirit version of himself; he makes friends with another poor sap whose is being stalked by a girl he promised to marry as a child.The potential for comedy is strong here, and I'm hoping this one turns out to be a sleeper.


There aren't many details available on Neppu, but what is available intrigues me - specifically that this is the story and creation of Sunao Yoshida, who was the mind behind Trinity Blood (the series that introduced me to anime and that I loved for a long time) and then suddenly passed away.For no other reason than that, I'll be watching.

PUPA: ****

Horror anime is done so rarely these days that I look forward to horror series when they come along.Not much is available about this series, but from what I can tell the story focuses on an older brother determined to save his monstrous sister from her fate.Sounds tantalizing enough to me and the animation looks good; the last horror anime I watched, Another, far exceeded my expectations so I'm excited to see what Pupa can do.


Akihito Kanbara, a member of the high school lit club, appears human but isn't - in fact, he's invulnerable to wounds.And also kind of immortal.He calls himself a "Meganest"and when he meets the isolated Mirai Kuriyama - who can manipulate blood - a series of disturbing events occur.This looks like another promising fantasy, and I'm excited for it - the animation and the cast of characters look intriguing and the potential for excellent plot is there.This is another series I have hopes for.


The second GITS movie will be out in November - there isn't much to say about it yet, but I'll be covering it.
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