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Recap: Endless 8 Part 7

We're on the homestretch now. Just this episode and the next one and I'll be done with the Endless 8!

It's the usual business with Kyon

Haruhi tells him to meet at the station with a swimsuit and lots of money.

Kyon could telegraph the whole thing, just like the audience can. To anyone who watched these episodes when they were originally coming out: you have my sympathy.

There is a bit of a silence with the TV going after Kyon hangs up.

As per usual,

Once again, they're headed to the pool. Haruhi makes her spiel about how they need to do more summer-related things. I know the feeling.

They're at the pool again, and I'm omitting the Haruhi ass shot the scene opens on for the same reason I'm going to have to dial back the profanity and dirty jokes: if I'm going back to school and potentially getting a job on their paper; I'm going to have to be more careful about this sort of thing.

This time, I'm skipping Kyon's redundant statement and instead focusing on this great laugh he makes.

Great job, Haruhi. You have broken him, as you have a great many people with this arc.

Now, everything goes black and white.

They're at the restaurant again. It's the same plan as before.

Kyon gets woken up on the next day, and this time, he has his hand down his pants. Charming. He's gotten so despondent; he's resorted to playing pocket pool in his sleep.

It's the Yukata shopping again. This time, the store they went to is called Endless. I think I've found a store with worse service than Safeway.

Located in the Shinjuku district, next to the Hello Kitty love hotel!

Of course, they're dazzling, and Kyon loves Mikuru's best. Ooh! I am just slaughtering the first 9 minutes.

They're at the Bon festival. Yuki is looking at the masks.

She buys another superhero mask; and wears it in an odd fashion.

They're doing fireworks again.

Kyon posits the homework question again, and Haruhi says it can be done in three days. This time, he replies with "three days?!" in Engrish. I will admit that's actually pretty funny.

Even so, we've entered the next level of Hell, despite Kyon's claims that Haruhi was given her skills from heaven.

The next day is bug-catching,

After the Pandora's box analogy, it's them working as frogs again! You know what? I haven't tried to tie a frog-related song to this scene, why do so now?

After once again finding out the pay is the suits; Kyon makes a wonderful pout. I am finding his increasing indifference parallel with mine delicious. That is why I find Kyon a more appealing character than Haruhi.

Then, it's the phone call again, and it's both hands in the pants this time. This time, he sounds really pissed off when he answers; as most of the fanbase was when they watched this arc. I think this was the point in Groundhog Day where Bill Murray's

He heads to the station, and Mikuru is a sobbing wreck again.

As it's time for Koizumi's explanation; this is usually the time where both the non-Haruhi SOS Brigade members and the audience have grown depressed from the antics they've been put through.

No, this explanation does not make any more sense on the sixth explanation. Nor does Mikuru's grief chance the fact that they are being treated like the playthings of a sociopathic, demonic teenage girl. If this were a different kind of anime; she would make a fantastic villain.

Now we are on the 15,527th repetition of the loop. It gets to Yuki's listing of each outcome of events. I mean it: when I get to the final part, I will list the outcomes of each thing I did to write about this arc.

It's stargazing time again, and Haruhi still wants to see martians.

Now they're at the batting center again.

This time, it just focuses on the sky as Kyon describes the events. Even the animators are losing interest by this point.

Back at the restaurant, Kyon STILL doesn't do anything to stop Haruhi!

Kyon once again looks at his homework; but has become too sad to do it. I just have the feeling that's going to be the key; and I hope I'm good and pissed off when I find out if it is.

"Endless 8 Part 7" is one of the deepest levels of Hell I've likened this arc to. This is one of the most massive screw-overs for an anime second season since Code Geass R2; but at least R2 had other things to criticize! As soon as this is posted, I'm compiling the events of these recaps for the final Endless 8 recap! Don't miss it!
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