Monday, September 16, 2013

THE GENRE OF MY CHOSEN TEXTS ARE: Firstly starting with Area 11 there focus in the genres are electronic rock and gaijin rock this is a hybrid type of band.Whereas Iron maiden has a genre covering the hard rock category or heavy metal.

THECODES AND CONVECTION'S TO THE GENRES THAT ARE FOUND IN BOTH ALBUMS OF THE BANDS ARE: To begin with Iron maidens "number of the beast"shows a vivid image of Eddie which has been the bands iconic figure shown in all of the albums produced.Because the band is heavy metal and hard rock the main image is very intense and has a lot of colours contrasting with each other to set the scene in a location where the world is ending by lighting in the sky,world burning and Satan controlling a smaller Eddie to do his work.Iron maiden tend to use Eddie to represent them instead of placing themselves on the cover like pop artists may do and they use realism of religious beliefs and historical events and recreate them to form a illustration of what happens.The artists name of iron maiden comes from the iron maiden torture device this is shown in bold red with a white outlining this stands out amidst the background of the album and gives a connotation of it being in the heavy metal genre.The album name is "the number of the beast" this is shown in a sort of blood writing with a red font because it is a heavy metal genre the font is intended to be shown like this to the audience scrawled on the left hand side of the album.When looking at the songs included in the album you notice they are all similar to the title of the album and its genre in many ways for example all the songs from "invaders" to "run to the hills"they all have a same sort of theme and within them they including historic events and religious issues the names given to each song sound action packed and by this you can tell that the bands genre will be heavy metal.When looking at the other album i chose this was "all the lights in the sky" by Area 11 this has some codes and convection's included. To start of with this cover shows a girl anime styled facing towards the sky into space from a planet this character and the place she is standing upon is darkened for effect there is colourful lights in the sky which make the cover stand out more and relate it to the albums title of "all the lights in the sky".Because of its genre being both electronic rock and gaijin rock there are some codes and convection's on the artwork with it being electronic rock the scene is futurist, set in space and the colours are very vivid and contrast well to catch the audiences eye, the connotations that hint it being gaijin rock is that the artwork is set in a scene from a anime "'Tengen toppa gurren lagann"which is part of Japanese culture also the character on the front is a Japanese styled anime character again referring to Japanese culture although the music itself is in English.The name of Area 11 comes from a reference to the anime "Code geass"this straightforwardly hints a connotation to its gaijin rock genre however when viewing the font style on the front of the cover it is done in a way which makes it appear futuristic it is also very bold in white with light shining out of it hinting towards the electronic rock genre.The albums name "All the lights in the sky"relates to one of the songs and the cover of the album linking it with the setting showing colourful lights pitched in the sky overhead of the anime styled character this is done in the same furistist format that the band name was done in however it is not emmiting light to not ruin how much the name stands out this is showing the genre of electronic rock.When looking at the songs included in the album there is a pattern included throughout them when listerning to "Shi no barado" to the song "Euphemia" you realise that they have a theme and throughout the songs they talk about iconic events within series of animes this again relates to the genre of gaijin rock.

THE AUIDENCES BOTH OF THEM APPLY TOO:Starting with Iron maiden "The number of the beast" album there auidence is quite varied ages from 15-30 may take a interest in them also the fact that Iron maiden was formed in 1975 and became popluar as a heavy metal band with its iconic image of eddie throughout the albums gave an effect on the young and also older generation.Area 11 is a recent band formed in 2010 there auidence is based on 15 -25 year olds this is shown throughout the albums artwork trying to attract attention, the musics genre is a hybrid of gaijien rock and electronic rock this is new to some countries so attracting a good auidence that will purchase the cd is important.
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