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Code Geass R2: 200 words and a seriously not funny babble.

Code Geass R2: (13-15)

*190* word summary edition.

The beginning of the arc told of Orang- -hasta-l -vista-kun's unlikely switch to Lelouch's side which soon precipitated into the death of V.V. and a confrontation between Lelouch and The Emperor. Yet in bait and switch style trickery, The assassin from the past turned out to be Rolo sticking it into Shirley, faggot!

With Nunally completely unaware, Lelouch launches an Geass hunt on V.V.'s weird (probably inbred) underground colony in the Mongolian desert. V.V. loses despite his boss mech because Cornelia is GAR, and because Cornelia knows which buttons to press to expose his weaknesses. In the hunt for V.V. Lelouch gets trapped in front of theand his father.

Finally in the world of C, Bill Gates shows you how he shaped the world in his image and gained immortality through instigation of a computing language that rewires brains the Emperor shows us thatisn't the only one who canwhile plodding through abstract backgrounds. The Emperor refuses to die, meanwhile C.C. who wants to die but becomes a loli instead. This episode ends most curiously with the .


While I usually appreciate a plot twist in my anim , breaking up the usual tandem of Asian repetition, my experience of the recent twists in Code Geass episodes 13 to 15 is rather sanguine. I can't sake the lingering feeling that it's forced like a random buggering.

The events preceding this arc, China's liberation, include alot of development which was mostly irrelevant to Lelouch's discovery and assualt on V.V's base. Orange-kun and Shirley's demise are really random prerequisites which have sparked the arc. With the results even more ludicrous than the cause, it's disjointed writing which defeats any point in attempting to make predictions. What's the point? Code Geass is unpredictable bullshit and I'm just here for a ride.

I suppose I should be grateful to have any development in regards to C.C. but I'm sad in a way. Not because it actually explains anything (Illogical fantasy-babble doesn't mean anything) but because it means Code Geass is drawing to an end.

This was pretty much confirmed by Newtype leakages all over Iichan. As much as I'm SURE that the writers could magic up a continuation of Code Geass into a 3rd season, it looks like they have accepted fate and ritually slit their stomachs in disgrace decided to call it a day at the end of season 2. What a shame!

Progress report by the story originator and main writer Ichirkouchi:

I've finished the script for Code Geass! Finished! It's not "to be continued", nor "end of this season". It's over, finished, the end.

Starting from the planning of this anime, it's been 5 full years. Although I've been having plenty of jobs, this has been the longest one for me.

My computer fell silent when I was writing the last episode. I had to try to recover it while making the final check on the last episode. It's quite a handful. But the work in studio isn't done yet. And my job isn't completely finished either.

Laughter or tears, the ending is only 4 months away. As for the production staff, who will see the ending in a few weeks, I wish for them to join me in the joy of seeing the end of Code Geass soon.

Newtype Japan (July 2008).

So, there! Following a rapid acceleration into the plot, it looks like Code Geass is entering into the final phase. The series will finish at the end of this season, although with so many characters, I wonder how many will die before the endgame?

13 is lucky for some, but fated to be a bit crap for Shirley. Now it looks like the Star Wars thingy me-bob back in episode 7 mightEven V.V., the immortally annoying, dies due to the trickery of the Emperor. I dare say, though, that this won't be the end of V.V, I fully expect him to return in another plothax. (Yes, Sunrise. I remember who was responsible for , it was you!).

Shirley's death prompted a uncharacteristic fit of RAEG from Lelouch (and to more humorous extent,). Whether it'd be anger at Rolo or power tripping from his helplessness at Shirley's side, he condemns the residents of the cult to genocide, men, women, Lolis and Shotas alike. This is quite serious, having now walked the path treaded by Hitler, Milosovich and his own father, and with no less of a straight, calculating face, surely Lelouch has condemned himself to a bad end?

~ Teeif.
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