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Flashback Friday, Blood-C: The Last Dark Released; The Question I see far too Much- "Is Blood-C a Continuation of Blood+?", New CLAMP Illustrations, The Legend of the Legendary Heroes and A Chance to

Hey there! Like usual, sorry it took quite sometime to get this post up but I have a buns load of amazingly great news upon news for you all! First off for Flashback Friday I went back, edited all of my previous blog posts and will be giving updates/announcements on series that were posted in the previous blog posts! I'll start with Kamisama Kiss since I have buying a manga volume every time I go to Hastings >..< Heroes of Cosplay- Heroes of Cosplay will be returning next year for another season, though the official date is still unknown. This was announced last week on Heroes of Cosplay Facebook page. They also said they were looking for more imaginative cosplayers out there to cast; might not be too late to check into it if you're interested so make sure to go to their Facebook page for complete details! Wolf Children- The Wolf Children movie will be released November 26. Just by watching the trailer I started to tear up; can't wait to watch the movie =D Here is the link to the trailer- You can still put in your pre-order from RightStuf by clicking this link- There will also be a Wolf Children Graphic Novel that will be released March 25, 2014! Typing about Mamoru Hosoda, here is a contributed Illustration done by CLAMP.

This Illustration was done for the 'Summer Wars Official Comic Anthology' and is the first page of the book! xxxHolic Rei- Due to Del Rey shutting down we thought we might not see a US release of xxxHolic Reifor several more years, however Kodansha Comics USA (Del Reys successor) is not only releasing xxxHolic Rei, but also omnibus editions of xxxHolic and Tsubasa next year! Once the Japan release date of xxxHolic Rei is announced Kodansha USA will set and announce the US release date! So does this mean that we will be seeing a US release of Tsubasa ALBuM De REProDUCTioNS 2 and XXXHOLiC Butterfly's Dream Artbooks in the near future as well? I sure hope so! On the topic of xxxHolic Rei it was shown that this Illustration will be the cover of volume 1 for the Japanese release. MangaFox also just updated the new chapter. Oh CLAMP how you love to confuzzle us! Back to where Yuko?! Cardcaptor Sakura- CLAMP has done a lot of new Cardcaptor Saukra Illustrations for the Cardcaptor Sukra Moblie game, but it looks as though we will be seeing more than just Illustrations soon! Cardcaptor Sakura Producer Eizo Kondo says that he would like to make a new anime of Cardcaptor Sakura! So will we be seeing a re-make of Cardcaptor Sakura in the near future?!

Discotek will be re-releasing The Cardcaptor Sakura Movie on DVDa re-dub??? All fingers crossed!

Blood-C: The Last Dark-

So guess who received their copy of Blood-C: The Last Dark in the mail 20 days earlier than the release date from RightStuf? This girlie! Unfortunately due to my promise to not watch the dub without some friends I had to wait 10 days to pop it in... wanted to watch it soon as it came in -.- twas so hard to keep that promise!

Realized I cannot make Guimauve; it totally flopped... The dub sounds great, the animation on Blu-ray looks beautifully amazing and the NoNeNoNe Theatre is included; along with a commentary with Mike McFarland, Alexis Tipton, Jad Saxton, Robert McCollum, Jerry Jewell and several others. As part of FUNimations Friday Frights, Blood-C: The Last Dark is todays Highlight! Like I said; saving the best for last ;) Blood-C: The Last Dark from RightStuf-

Blood-C the series won for Best Animation in the Home Media Magazine Reaper Awards which you can read more about here-

Now entering into the movie arc; the release date of the 3rd manga volume of Blood-C is Febuary 19 2014. You can now also put in your pre-order at RightStuf-

Onto the question I see far too much-

Like written in a previous post- No, Blood-C is not a continuation of Blood+.

As wrote before, it is more of a continuation of Blood: The Last Vampire as we can see not only heavily on the flashbacks in Blood-C, but also the uniform and Saya's attitude in Blood-C: The Last Dark.

Animation in this scene very much reminds me of Production IGs' past work; Ghost in the Shell ^-^

Now ya know Blood+ askers. Saya Otonashi; just a different take on Saya "Kisaragi", but still part of the Blood Franchise of course. CLAMP Illustrations- First up- Logic Lock Festival. CLAMP will be drawing the illustrations for Nakamura Aki's debut Mystery Novel called 'Logic Lock Festival Tentei-goroshi Paradox'. Promotional poster signed by both CLAMP and Nakamura Aki.

Sooo looks like Syaoran, ne? CLAMP has been doing a lot of Illustrations lately so here are a few more from them-

'Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin II' by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko and Hajime Yatate.

'The Five Star Stories Tracers Ex. 2'

DVD box sets for Code Geass R2.

Blu-ray box sets for Code Geass R1. xxxHolic Live-Action Blu-ray case.

The third novel cover of 'Kamigami no Gosui-Kin no Uta' by Atsuko Asano. CLAMP has also done the Illustrations to this Miku music video- 'Echo of the Past'.

Here is the link to the music video-

Legenda of the Legendary Heroes-

Legend of the Legendary heroes is about Ryner Lute whom wishes he could just take a 50 hours a day nap and his beautiful, dango loving, sword wielding partner Ferris Eris. Ryner and Ferris are on a journey to find 'Hero Relics' for King Sion of Roland to help the country be much more peaceful and safe.

However, Ryner was born with the curse of being an 'Alpha Stigma'; a power that is dangerously destructive if he cannot control it.

I think voicing Ryner has been Ian Sinclair's best! One of FUNimations best dubbing cast all together in my opinion.

Love, love, love the character Farris! Blonde version of Namae >=D

The series has beautiful animation; great animation style changes, hilarious moments, interesting character development, very fitting voices and great storyline with a lot of twists and turns! Unfortunately, the series leaves of on a pretty big cliffhanger and maybe no new season will be made. Word going around is that sales weren't great enough in Japan for a continuation, but may be possible if sales are great here in the US. I defiantly suggest this anime to everyone who loves anime. You can buy Legend of the Legendary Heroes from RightStuf- Finally some convention announcements and a chance for you to win a free copy of Blood-C: The Last Dark or a CLAMP manga- Saturday November 2nd I will be attending Jack O' Con in Albuquerque New Mexico. Saturday will be 'Anime Lives' day with plenty of anime music, panels, cosplay contests, and much more! The convention will be running October 31st thru November 3rd with plenty of frightenly amazing things going on so check it out!- November 9th thru the 11th I will be at Kikori Con in Flagstaff Arizona. Monday the 11th at 12:30 I will be hosting the CLAMP 101I will also be giving away free CLAMP related anime and manga! Defiantly try stopping by- Unfortunately due to Animeland Otaku Mex changing their date last minute to the same time as Kikori I will not be attending Animeland Otaku Mex. That is a big no no. You do not date change one week before said convention that you had more than half a year to get ready for just because you have "new management". Though searching more into it, they do this a lot... Re-booting Wasabi in the mean time instead; announcing Yaya as one of your guests when you didn't even ask here first? Yes we all saw that tweet, not the best way to be re-booting a convention that was shut down because of the sales of bootlegs. Next year I will be attending Taiyou Con, January 3rd thru the 5th in Mesa Arizona. First time going, sounds amazingly great and I cannot miss out on the chance to meet Michelle Ruff! Voice of Chi, Freya, Euphemia, little Lulu, and Kotori?? I think yes!- April 11th thru the 13th I will be attending Sabaku Con in Albuquerque New Mexico for my second year. Colleen Clinkenbeard, Vic Mignogna and Todd Haberkorn! Now all you need is Jason Liebrecht and my whole life will be made right there at that convention ^-^ It's going to be a blast!- If you are unable and even if you are going to attend Kikori, I am having a Blood-C: The Last Dark and CLAMP Manga Giveaway here on this blog, Facebook, and Twitter! Here are the complete rules and details- All you have to do to enter is comment below with your name (or nickname), e-mail address (if you would not like your e-mail address seen in the comment box, you may enter by sending your entry to ) and the name of your favorite CLAMP manga series. You may also enter by just liking/following Namae's Thoughts on Facebook/Twitter and commenting on the event the name of your favorite CLAMP manga series. Two winners will be chosen December 13th and contacted the same day. First name/nickname to be drawn will receive a new copy of Blood-C: The Last Dark and the second name/nickname drawn will receive the manga they commented! Rules of entry-

* You must be a resident of the United States.

* You can only enter once.

* Newer CLAMP titles are suggested, but not required.

* Blood-C manga can be commented, but Code Geass manga cannot.

If I can reach over 7,000 entries I might do giveaways more often; maybe Evangelion 3.0?? Well, be sure to put in your entries before the deadline date December 13th and thanks for reading!
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