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Guilty Crown


Ouma Shu drawing a void (Picture taken from:

This morning I finished an anime called Guilty Crown. The story follows a teenage guy, Ouma Shu, who starts out as a lazy high school student in Japan which is controlled by GHQ forces after the 'Lost Christmas' incident. GHQ uses the apocalyptic 'Lost Christmas' incident as a guise to subjugate the Japanese who are believed to be carrying the Apocalypse virus. Instead of tracking specific suspects, GHQ would wipe out entire cities of Japanese citizens at a time. Shu, who seemingly seemed to be on the outside of the chaos with GHQ, comes across an idol named Yuzuriha Inori from the group Egoist in the show. Shortly after meeting Inori, Shu is brought into the havoc between the Undertakers rebellion group, which Inori is a member of, and GHQ. In the first skirmish, Inori winds up injecting Shu with a void genome, which allows Shu to essentially pull a person's heart out in the form of a weapon or tool to fight. Throughout the series, Shu faces several conflicts in which he must utilize his void abilities in order to assist the Undertakers which he joined after being led into the organization by Inori and the leader, Tsutsugami Gai.

Yuzuriha Inori, lead singer for Egoist (Picture taken from:

Overall, I feel that Guilty Crown was a very strong anime through and through. Inori was completely adorable at points, I must admit, but also had some... other moments. Shu and his void abilities were a hell of a versatile weapon for fighting against GHQ. It was quite epic to just see how much a fight would turn in Shu's side's favor, assuming Shu wasn't preoccupied with his emotions or being indifferent. While I was watching the series, I asked around about the ending (without spoilers) since I absolute despise bad endings. I mean, who doesn't hate a bad ending? It's like a "I wasted a good 6 hours of my life just to be left with a thousand questions about things that should have been answered." kind of feeling. But anyways, most I asked said the ending was terrible, so I was braced for impact, since I liked the anime enough and was far enough in that it wouldn't hurt to just get through it. When I watched through the end I was very, very disappointed because it left so many questions, but that ending still was not as terrible as I had braced myself for. All in all, Guilty Crown was a fantastic series with lots of action, bit of romance, and a couple characters with constant adorableness.

Tsutsugami Gai, leader of Undertakers in their prime (Picture taken from:

Ruri's Rating: 9/10

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