Saturday, October 12, 2013

Is that who I think it is?!

Most people have heard of the latest Code Geass series Code Geass: Boukoko no Akito (Akito the Exiled). The series is set between season one and two of the first Code Geass series and it's in EU (European Union). I saw the first episode and I thought it's ok. However, I did not the feel the same excitement as I did when I watched the first series (the one with Lelouch). Perhaps because my favorite character isn't there (Lelouch) so I just brushed off the latest series and considered it just a gaiden (side-story). That is until I saw this:

Is that? IS THAT?

At first I thought it's just a fan art of Lelouch, then I saw the name: Julius Kingsley. That's when I researched on him. According to :Julius Kingsley is a strategist sent to Euro Britannia from the Britannian homeland. He was escorted by Suzaku during his travel to Europe on a special train. His left eye is covered with an eye-patch for unknown reasons. He has exceedingly high confidence in his own abilities. Julius is voiced by Jun Fukuyama.There were a few words that jumped up to me: "strategist", "escorted by Suzaku", "left eye covered with an eyepatch for unknown reasons" and "Jun Fukuyama". That got me so excited. Could it be? Could he be?

Here's my theory:Before the second season of Lelouch of the Rebellion, the Emperor altered Lelouch's memories so that Britannia can use him against EU. I mean, anyone would think it's a waste not to use Lelouch's genius for their own agenda, right? So, here he comes as Julius Kingsley, fighting for Britannia against the EU. Also, Suzaku's with him to keep him in check. Then when the situation is over at EU, Julius Kingsley will go back to Britannia, the Emperor alters his memories again, then the events in season two takes place after that.Looks like Sunrise knew that without Lelouch in a Code Geass story, only a few people would watch it. Now, what I wrote earlier is just my theory. Whether it comes true or not, I don't care. For me, Julius IS Lelouch! Now, I'm so exited to watch next episodes of Boukoku no Akito. ^^ Here are the character designs of Julius Kingsley:
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