Thursday, October 17, 2013

What are some awesome cosplay ideas?

red hair vocaloid image


I am going to Wizard World Chicago, and I want to know some good cosplay ideas.


I watch a lot of anime in my free time and last year i went to a cosplay party, no parade but i had fun there. I dressed up as Moka Akashiya from rosario. She was my favorite character from the anime, but i also wanted to dress as Mizore Shirayuki, with a lollipop in my mouth and i dyed my hair blue before, and i look good in it so i wanted to wear a blue/purple wig... but i went with pink because i never tried it before. You can choose from the inner moka, (thats the grey hair) or the pink haired moka. I would also recommend Komura Yuuichi from Hiiro no Kakera. Iv'e seen some picutures of people dressed as komura. Its really nice :D btw i think yuuicki is a guy... but i saw a girl cosplayed as yuuichi so i guess its fine. my other suggestion is shana from Shakugan no Shana. It was one of my favorite anime too :) with a sword, the alastor necklace and flaming . You'll look good! Especially if u match the color red. This costume is the one i tried in real, and i loved it! its Akiyama Mio from "k-on!" i love her, and i like her dress too. she has a cute "gothic" look actually. or something like lolita style. idk how to spell it haha. i also love Kirakishou from Rozen maiden Traumend. go for her if u match white. btw, u should really watch rozen maiden if u haven't! If u like blue, like me u can also choose hastune Miku. shes so cute! btw shes from vocaloid and i love her songs. go for Megurine luka if u like pink. shes from vocaloid too. if u want green, u can go for c.c. from code geass, (all i can say for that anime is i really didnt get the anime, i was really lazy to watch the 1st episode because it was boring) but shes pretty tho. btw shes perfect if u like light jumpsuit-like costumes like hers, another one is Kanaria from Rozen Maiden (i havent really seen her around in some episodes so i dont really know how she dress like haha and i really love this anime called PantyRima Touya from Vampire Knight. I finished the whole series of vampire night and its pretty good. idk if rima has red or orange but i guess u can wear both colors for the wig :b another anime is mikuru. sorry i forgot what anime shes from feel free to search shes cute and has an innocent character i guess. i dont really know a lot of orange hair animes for girls.. although i know more guys that have orange hair than girls.. pretty weird lol.. hope this helped! :)


Black Icin

I see videos and pictures of him with either, and it's really confusing D: What am I missing?

Also, Piko's hair varies from black to white.

Is there a story I don't know about or something?? *cries*


Sekihan has a brownish red hair. Piko has white hair.

Some people just like to change this up.

The person who provides Piko's voice though has black hair, I think that's where the confusion comes from. Oh, and I'm also sure the same thing applies for Sekihan.

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