Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Anime Mondays #36

I'm baaaaack!My vacation was a success.The Backstreet cruise was insane (though, not as insane as I was led to believe, but it still far exceeded my expectations), and Disney World was adorable and not at all crowded.I tried to go all commando park touring and ended up sick (which I am still trying to get over), but we got a lot done and still managed to fit in some one of a kind experiences.I can't wait to take my baby niece there and watch her go crazy running around in a cute little dress.Anyway, we have a lot to get through today, as I'm at least three weeks behind, so let's party.Also, MAL will only let me go back to last week so let's see if I can remember what I've watched in the past month.

All images are from , and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!


Well I finished it.I think I finished this right before I went on vacation, actually.And, you know what?I was totally underwhelmed.The ending was pretty worthless, and the entire series as a whole was best in its throwaway comedy episodes.If it hadn't tried so hard to be serious (I know, a serious, long-running shonen?Who would've thought?), it would have been a hell of a lot better.Am I sad I wasted all this time watching it?Kinda.But, you know, give me a long series, and I feel compelled to tackle it.I rated this 4/10 on MAL because I really didn't enjoy it at all.At least it didn't have robots.


Yeah, shove it, I still like this show.The female protagonist is still worthless, but the vampire characters make up for it.Especially the one who calls her Bitch-chan.Hey, he is just saying what everyone else is thinking, alright?Kudos.Unfortunately, the newest episode is mostly a flashback, which, like our main character, is worthless, as it only shows how all the vampires used to be completely different before their screwed up mothers fucked them up somehow.It's also pretty obvious that the girl is going to be somehow related to them, which makes their blood sucking tendencies pretty incestual.Can this show get any more screwed up?I'm betting on yes, which is why I'll continue to watch it.


I've officially had to buy another set of this show since I plowed through the first one.Finally, this stupid arc about the guy building the bridge ended (and ended really sadly, btw, I wasn't expecting someone to actually DIE), and we're on to all the rookie ninjas taking a test to up their ninja level.I'm much more interested in this show when Naruto and the gang have clear goals, rather than them just aimlessly training or wandering around the forest waiting for some enemies to attack.Also Sasuke.He's the shit.Don't judge me.It's mindless enough so that I can watch it while I'm sick and still know what's going on, so bravo NARUTO.You're keeping my interest while other shonen do not.


Despite the inclusion of an amnesia plot, this series is shaping up to be my favorite of the fall season.It is spiraling towards a high school slice of life, just with the inclusion of a lot of drinking because it takes place in college, but it's dramatic enough to keep me hooked, especially in the last episode.Holy crap, main dude, you're an asshole.I mean, I know Koko is completely being a bitch, too, using her "friendship" to throw it in Mitsuo's face just to prove she's doing okay after he rejected her, but damn.Tada just made it all or nothing for her, didn't he?I think Koko really wants to be friends with him, but how is she supposed to return a love confession so quickly when she's been in love with Mitsuo all her life?Anyway I dig this show.Also, I hope Tada gets with Linda.But I won't hate him if he doesn't.


Much like Tada Banri, Sawamura is a real asshole.Unfortunately, his asshole character trait makes him a perfect "ace," because in order to be an ace, you have to be a douchebag.Okay I guess I can buy it sort of.He's not a complete tool, he just loves baseball so much that he doesn't want anyone to get in his way or to support people if he's not involved and playing.But once he's on the field watch out.He will get his team more fired up than anybody.At points, I get this show confused with the other sports anime I am currently watching (hold on for that one), but then I remember that DIAMOND NO ACE has more assholes than the other show, and I can figure it out.Apparently I love sports anime, now.Who knew?Thanks, random baseball show.


Yes, I marathoned this entire series.There's no judging.I ran out of DIAMOND NO ACEepisodes and wanted to watch another sports show, and this was the first one I thought of.And I wasn't disappointed.Every character in this show has something that caught my eye.Sure, there are assholes, but they aren't complete assholes.Kuroko, for having the show named after him, isn't necessarily the main guy here; everyone on his team and off has something to contribute to the overall arc of the story.I will say that the prelude got really annoying after about the fifth episode, and that the openings contain characters that aren't even shown until the second season, so I was going all, "when is that purple haired guy going to show up and wreck shit??" and it didn't happen.Thankfully, season 2 of this anime is airing now because it ended on one of those GIVE ME MORE NOW NOW NOW notes, and you know how much I hate waiting for shit.Speaking of shit, Kise is THE shit.I hope he busts Aomine's ass in season 2.I ranked this 7/10 on MAL, and hope the second season is just as addictive, even if I have to wait for new episodes.


Okay, so not only did I watch the entire first season, but I am now completely caught up with the second.TOO MANY NEW CHARACTERS.Now, instead of just one Generation of Miracles, there's a Generation of Miracles Lite?How many people do I have to look for in the opening now?Also, the plays are getting more into the fantastical realm of things with basketballs and people vanishing.I mean, I guess they had to make Kuroko more of a bad ass, somehow.I'm still digging it, but I know I won't watch for a couple weeks just because I like to marathon shows that end on cliff hangers, and WHAT THE SHIT, THIS LAST EPISODE'S CLIFF HANGER.I mean, you just couldn't tell me who won that game, could you?Bitches.


Once again, Funimation trailers suck me into shows I wouldn't normally watch.This girl has absolutely everything, and because of her excess good luck, she needs to take some bad luck back so other people can be happy.Um okay.This premise is basically there so lucky girl can fight with a demon and make a lot of boob jokes.It's funny, don't get me wrong, and it's not as stupidly fanserviced out like other shows I've seen lately, but, let's be real, I've only seen one episode I'm sure it could (and probably will) get a lot worse.I'll give it the benefit of the doubt, though; it will be the show I continue to watch when I'm sick of reading subtitles.


I have a lot of rental discs that need to go back because I've kept them for months and unfortunately, I have no desire to watch any of them.I thought I'd like this show, even though it had robots, but the second episode was pretty much ALL robots, and I spent my time editing pictures in photoshop instead of actually paying attention.Whoops.I have 8 more episodes of this to get through so I can return these DVDs, and I don't send back anime without watching it.Someone help me.Too many robots.


Now that I ran out of NARUTO episodes for the time being, this is what I've turned to to watch before I go to bed.Sadly, DRAGON BALL is only good when there's some tournament fighting going on.Right now, I'm in the middle of some kind of Red Ribbon Army chasing everyone while they go through an abandoned pirate ship, and it's just boring.Even with a robot skull, it's boring, and I love skulls.ONE PIECE next?It's looking very plausible.

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Now it's back to photoshop so I can get all my Disney pictures ready for the internet.Could there be a trip report in the near future?Magic 8 Ball says
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