Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Don't Build It Up

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An issue that I have been seeing more and more lately is the issue of building up anime. Now, some of them deserve the hype they get (I haven't heard of anyone who thought the hype ruined ATTACK ON TITAN yet) and others fall a little short (SWORD ART ONLINE got bitten by this pretty hard last year.) The reason I'm talking about this today is that I recently marathoned ANOHANA: THE FLOWER WE SAW THAT DAY (aka ANO HI MITA HANA NO NAMAE O BOKUTACHI WA MADA SHIRANAI) with a few friends, one of whom had seen the show before. She was very instant that we would be sad and cry during this show. And while I did cry at the ending, I think I would have teared up sooner without this insistence.

Part of the problem though, is that although Anohana is sad, it's not the type of sad that effects me much. Death is not a concept that actually scares meWell you know, not to the level that other people seem to fear it anyway. I guess I should say it's something I accept. And that's kinda the opposite of what this anime was about. This may be a spoiler of a sort, but the show is about not being able to accept the death of this one girl (Menma). Unfortunately my stance on that was, "Ah, that is really sad, but there isn't anything you can do about that." Some might argue that this is anime, so there might have been something that could be done, but the reason I was sure that wouldn't happen is a topic for another time.

What really makes me cry is is needless suffering, wasted potential, and people going to extremes for love. Notice I didn't say sad there, I said cry. And that last one really is the one that gets me most often. Some of my favorite anime are the ones that have made me weep the most for this reason (HIGURASHI, EF, CLANNAD, ect ). Speaking of Clannad as I was in that aside, I've heard stories of people who have watched that show and it's squeal CLANNAD: AFTER STORY with a stone for a heart, so it wouldn't make them cry. Which is really really stupid, in my opinion. If you don't want to feel anything, don't watch the show. Don't put yourself through the show for the sake of saying, "I didn't cry when I watched Clannad." That's like paying to go on a roller coaster and then just firmly sitting there with your eyes unfocused and thinking of other things. You pay to get on a roller coaster to enjoy the experience. Similarly, you should anticipate dem feels as you're building up in Clannad, not prepare yourself to ignore them.

This has gotten a little off point. What I am saying though, is that even if you loved a show, you shouldn't expect others to love it as much as you, and that hyping a show tends to do more damage then good. When you hype a show, you give people expectations which can be hard to meet. Given that a lot of people seem to have the issue with enjoying a show for what it is, rather then what they want it to be, this does not help anything. (I'm obviously talking about everyone else, not you). So, even though I love the ending to CODE GEASS, for example, I shouldn't say, "OMG, the ending to Code Geass is the best ending ever hands down." I might feel that way, but what I like to say instead is, "I think Code Geass is a pretty good show. It has it's faults, but I really enjoyed the ending." One makes you sit waiting for the best thing ever, and the other lets you know that your friend who enjoys anime enjoyed this show.

In short, I'd guess I'd say let the show build itself up, don't try to do any of the work for it.

This has been Tryggy-Sama,

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