Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thoughts: Log Horizon Episode 8

I just recently watched the newest installment of Log Horizon and I was expecting some action again but instead of them being in an actual battle, the episode seems to have taken the intellectual battle path.I would have probably said that this path is what makes me bored in seeing in anime or movies but Log Horizon made me stay on my chair and watch the entire episode with me wanting more.It looked like it will become one of my personal favorites, along with Sword Art Online, Death Note, and Code Geass.A total of 25 episodes and not yet halfway, everything is looking good on my end.Log Horizon delivers what I wanted and the only thing missing would be someone cosplaying Akutsuki and I get to have a picture with her.

Just a quick though post about the anime, nothing to spoil it too much but if you haven't watched Log Horizon, start watching it today with episode 1!I'd rate it a 9/10 now but it may change depending on how the story flows and how they would end it or have it setup for a second season or even a full-blown long series like Naruto and Bleach.Man, those two anime are long but filled with fillers.Hope they don't do that kind of thing but I guess I can't complain much since Log Horizon is doing better.

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