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Digimon Adventure 02 Epilogue, a Minor Discussion


This ending was the culmination of the Digimon Adventure 02 and it shows just how much the writers just don't know where to go to the characters.

I only want to defend and argue to a degree.


Children growing up would not likely have their child fascinations. This shows with a friend of mine who originally wanted to be a pharmacist but now she is striving to be a neurosurgeon. She doesn't care how difficult it wouldbe. In the series, Cody has the most worthwhile career out of all the new generation of Digidestined. He didn't become a kendo teacher, he became a lawyer signifying his growth throughout the dangling plot.

However, there are futures that they are regardless going into anyway which I don't mind with Kari, Izzy, and Joe (kindergarten teacher, researcher, doctor respectively). No problem there. Instead of having jobs that fit the characters or at least give them average jobs, we have jobs that are so ostentatious it's ludicrous.

Such example would be Davis/Daisuke. I know Davis would just be happy selling noodles with his noodle cart. Having good food is one thing but it's another thing to fit the character. Take for example Genta Umemori from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. He was made famous for his curry on a certain episode, not his sushi. He's perfectly happy selling sushi even though his sushi is bland and mediocre. He have no regrets after all; he had no plans to be rich or to put on the front page of Time. He wants a five star for his sushi yes, but this is Genta. He went to France in the end of the series, wanting to explore his cooking sushi more, picking up likely some new cookery on the way.

However, there are some futures that are a slap to the characterization. The bonus material tried to explain them but really it's still a weak explanation.


There are such thing as a phase but Sora grew up as a tomboy. She still doesn't care about her looks much in high school unlike Mimi. Erm, is tennis a feminine sport? I'm sure it wasn't since I seen in lots of anime and manga that both boys and girls play it. Instead of letting Sora gain interest in flower arranging normally, we see her in fashion design even though that's clearly Mimi's field. Kimono design or no, it's ridiculous. We see her show no interest in fashion even in high school, even though it's clear she's still growing away from her tomboyish habits. In Adventure, she ran away from home because her mom wants her to take after the shop.

How did she become a chef?

Mimi as a chef? Throughout 02, she was seen partying and catching up with the latest fashion. How becoming a chef come to be? It's not as bad as Matt though. Mimi has a weird sense of taste in Adventure so why not make her a chef? It's like having Orihime becoming a chef in a 5 star restaurant, Grade A through and through.

Oh, the pain~!

Tai, while a good leader as Takuya and Takato, as a politician is just an oh-my-god-what-the-hell kind of expression. Remember, this is a war he is fighting. It doesn't necessarily extends to politics. Ohgi from Code Geass had shown to be not really a good leader yet he's elected as the new Prime Minister. Good heart but not really good judgment as the rest of the Black Knights. Tai seems best fit in a war zone acting as a Captain or a General if he decided to fight. Throughout the anime, he is shown to have a good grasp on position and others' strength to his advantage. Tai in a suit make me cringe. For a better future, you could say soccer coach or a war leader. Tai seems a bit more idealistic which means no killing whatsoever so soccer coach it is!

Again, WHAT.

Matt... It came out of nowhere. At least Tai (leadership) and Sora (flower arranging) has something. As I said before, adults won't have the same fascination when they are children. But just where is the evidence for this? I got enough evidence for my friend who decided to be a neurosurgeon. Just how can one go to a minor rockstar to an astronaut? He's better off as a music teacher or something that fits his character. Also I highly doubt Matt influenced Sora into becoming a fashion designer; if he love her, then it's Sora's choice.

This is the level of "Don't Care" Level.

TK as an author. Like most characters in the show, the writers had no idea what to do with him so they left him as a narrator. While TK has some awesome moments in 02, his characterization just doesn't go anywhere, it's just stagnant or just there. Unlike Cody who grew and the only one the writers had any thought for, this character has little to no advancing characterization.


Yolei as a housewife... oh boy, is this cringe-worthy? She was the most career-oriented girl in the series and she went on to be a housewife, getting busy with Ken...which is nothing wrong! It just doesn't fit her character; why not let her be a part-timer somewhere or something active outside the kitchen at least! While I would care less about Ken X Yolei/Miyako, there are still no development at all (this comment was to satisfy the shippers).

The series could've been a story of a coming of age story, learning the harshness of reality and knowing things won't come so easily even as Digidestined who gained a name for themselves... You know, now that I think about it, Tai as a persona-user in my story would be a secret hero even from his friends because really even though the Digital World is impossible to exist, Shadows are totally different creatures. Instead, we have Digidestined that doesn't have much development and have more telling than showing futures that are just out-of-character without all the hard work. Yusei Fudo would make a better choice for Minato/Makoto with his serious and quiet demeanor but Yusei take a step forward representing hope. Anyways, the Persona series has always been depressing acknowledging death and life, multiples characters reacting like humans to their circumstances with the tinsy tiny bit of hope left.

*muttering under breath*

Now there is another thing to have a carbon copy kid. It's utterly lazy for one thing...which leads to the infamous part of epilogue, Matt and Sora marrying each other & Kari and TK not marrying each other.

Sora and Matt are to say strangled by each other. The director of Digimon 02 admitted that the pairing was planned since the beginning. Emphasis on friendship or not, just telling certain writers that would just not work. As a result, you got more staff supporting Tai and Sora, heck even the seiyuus said that Taiora is the more plausible couple. And that is just the tip of the creative differences. Just to let you know, the creator of Digimon left the band because he doesn't want a sequel. Like I said before, perhaps something happened to them in the time skip and we are left to decide what happen.

At least Kari has a job that fits her.

I do like TK and Kari together as a coupling but it's not as strong as the Taiora/Sorato fan debate above. So many hints yet it never took any of it. Unlike Guilty Crown in which it took itself seriously to an exasperatingly degree, this series could still be so serious yet fun at the same time if it learns to balance well. The series had proven itself almost a waste of potential. Ken as the Digimon Emperor was a great twist to the Digidestined creed but soon after Ken turn good, the series just drop in quality. Ups and downs in the plot is so visible you cringe. The epilogue in the my opinion was the lowest drop of quality Digimon Adventure can have.

This is my opinion. Everyone's opinion is valued, no matter how much the other desperately want to conform to general public or just don't care. This is all opinion.
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