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Journal Entry #2: Guilty Crown


AIR DATE: 14/10/2011 : END DATE: 23/03/2012 : STATUS: DroppedThe year is 2039. A biological hazard known as the apocalypse virus hit Japan on the 24th December, cultivating the decimation of the population. This event came to be known as Lost Christmas. Since Japan was in a weak position it called for aid from the rest of the world. In response the United Nations sent an organisation called GHQ to help contain the situation and in the process occupy Japan. With Japan at the mercy of foreign powers, a small group calling themselves funeral parlour began to rebel against the powers that be and GHQ in order to liberate Japan and regain it's independence.

Here we meet our protagonist Shu Ouma. A shy, social recluse 17 year old high school student who enjoys editing videos. He enjoys listening to the popular internet group EGOIST. And has a obvious but hidden crush on the lead singer Inori Yuzuriha. One day Shu meets his idol and crush Inori at his clubs video editing workshop. First of all, what is the chances of that ever happening?. Inori is then apprehended by GHQ's anti body task force, as it turns out she is a member of funeral parlour. Before she goes she leaves Shu with a vial which contains something important and it must be delivered to the leader of funeral parlour Gai. How the heck did the anti-bodies know where she was??. Shu then heads over to funeral parlours HQ to meet Gai. After the initial meet up Gai orders an attack on GHQ, to retrieve Inori. Now being the typical shonen male character lead, Shu can't leave the "damsel-in-distress" alone. After he tracks her down as to where Inori is being held captive. In the midst of the melee between GHQ and funeral parlour something happens. The vial that was in Shu's pocket .well you've guessed it, it breaks.

The vial contained something called a void genome. This genome grants the person power. And with Shu now having it, he is now granted with what is called "the power of the kings" wait a minute, say that again. This genome grants the user "the powers of the kings". Wait I've heard that some where before .oh right Code Geass. With this power he can now pull out weapons from any one, he does this by extracting something called their "void". And thus Shu is now thrown in to battle against GHQ.

Bare in mind that I've only watched 4 episodes, from what I can gather the story was a convoluted mess. It made no to little sense as to what is going on. And that's just from watching 4 episodes. The fact that they tried to emulate code geass with the power of the kings, and also throwing some random Christian symbolism at random times made very little sense to the story or plot. If anything it just confused the whole thing. I had to re-watch the first episode twice!.

The animations and visuals are top notch. Nothing negative can be said about that. Production I.G really did go all out. The characters however are all bland. Gai interested me a little and showed some personality, but Inori she was just flat and bland. She showed no personality what so ever. All style and no substance with her. Same goes for Shu. And he supposed to be the lead. The action sequences were done really well, fluid and well animated. Have no complaints about that.


The tag line and the visuals are enough to catch anyone's attention. However for a action / drama series. This show delivers very poorly on it. This show had so much potential and it failed to live up to it.
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