Saturday, December 28, 2013

Memories of 2013 part 4: seiyuu jokes in my anime

As always - though it hasn't been particularly obvious over the last two years, methinks - one of my posts is going to be about my greatest obsession in anime: the seiyuu.

This time, it's not specifically going to be about my favourites (though I LOVE You-kyan in Senyuu and almost cried when Sakku returned in the Monogatari series), but rather about the little amusing things that only seiyuu fans would notice on a first time watch.

That's Grizzly Mama speaking with the voice of INOUE KIKUKO

The first of these occurred quite early in the year, with the classic , 17-years-old joke weaved so naturally into Polar Bear Cafe (as a Grizzly Bear, 17 years is probably about right). I've personally known about this one for years, at least since I listened to the Code Geass Drama CDs where it also showed up - but I don't even remember how I first found out about it!

The second was one that I didn't actually register - I face-palmed when someone pointed it out on a forum, because I really should have realised. Care to guess why the following scene of Servant x Service was soooo funny?

"So, who is it?" "An actor I don't know."
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