Friday, December 27, 2013

On the Second Day of Christmas Anime Gave to Me 2 Seasons of Valvrave

Oh my anime why did you gave me Valvrave and two seasons of it?!?! It was bad from start to now (Still have to wait for the conclusion next year). It had the infamous Valvrape scene which had little to no consequences, it consisted of vampires with Geass like powers. It was all a little bit ridiculous but it wants to be taken seriously. It also shows us how low Sunrise has fallen since those heights with Code Geass. Sure the animation was good but as stated earlier the story is and will always be too ridiculous to ever be taken seriously unless it is actually a parody (see Poe's law). To be honest the second season is much better than the first season but it is still bad in what has been a slightly above average season.
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