Saturday, December 21, 2013

One HELL of a Series (Anime Reviews)

Four gorgeous men is sent on a 'mission' by their rich landlady to transform her niece into a lady ASAP. If they fail, their rent in the luxurious mansion will triple!

The catch? Well lets say the girl they are assigned to transform isa spawn of the darkness.And her name is Sunako Nakahara.

Familiar? Well its no other that Yamato Nadeshiko or some prefer to call it Wallflower or shichi henge.

Its main genre is actually comedy with a hint of romance on the protagonist's side.

But its not the typical series of ugly girl turns beautiful and they live happily ever after, its something refreshing and cute to all viewers. You'd end up loving Sunako all over with her cute and unique personality.

As for the four gorgeous men, well its unspokenly obvious that they are actually that HOT.

Well when we talk about the graphics, its fairly fine since its been produced in a bit older year but its not as old as Dragon Ball and the lot, its the same timeline as Code Geass in a way.

Each episode comes with a surprise and every episode would make you laugh. This series is a must to watch to people, not just anime lovers or otakus, who needs a good laugh and to spend their free time in a fun way.

Plus this was written by Tomoko Hayakawa who appears to be one of the masters in the field of comedy and has the element of surprise for all his works!

This series will never fail to brighten up your day.

So, have fun and I'm sure you'll be excited when will our dear Sunako become a full pledged lady!
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