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Persona 5 Speculations

I have been writing a lot of Persona posts these days including a story based on Persona 3. Then again, the series had been the most interesting to talk about. Code Geass may have a movie coming (during R2 from what I heard) and a play and Kingdom Hearts has some news but not really enough to discuss since a lot of people can tell what would likely happen anyway (heck even Word of God said this is the last part dealing with Xehanort but not really the end of Kingdom Hearts as a whole), so really not much to talk about.

But I digress.

Naoya Toudou, Tatsuya Suou, Maya Amano, Minato Arisato/Makoto Yuuki, Souji Seta/Yu Narukami

from left corner to right corner in zig-zag fashion.

Persona 5 would very likely feature a new group (I don't really have to guess that the new group would be composed of high school students because of their root to self-discovery and maturity again that the Persona team of Atlus used to their advantage). After all, this story has a different theme. While the summoning Personas is still up in the air (would likely go back to Persona 1 and 2 roots with no Evokers or crushing cards but rather summon by will alone), I still think this new group would come face to face with many other Persona-users later on especially the Investigation Team in their own futures.

I'm not exactly sure if it's going to be like Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger or Digimon Xros Wars: Hunters Leapt Through Time. I mean, it's not exactly an anniversary after all. I don't know its anniversary really because I only learn of its anniversary when it's released. I mean I was aware of anniversaries of Super Sentai after getting used to it after all.

What a nice group picture!

It's very likely dealing with how society repressed certain personalities to be restrained and not allowed to be free. People are chained to what they are supposed to act rather than their true personalities; the repression of the true self rather than the suppression of the true self.

It sounds likely to be a bittersweet ending. I mean society won't really accept certain attitudes or identities because even though it's progressive, there are still obstacles.

Taking yet another psychological route, we could see how this could been done maturely like Persona 4. In my opinion, the ending of normal ending is happy enough. With enough time, the Investigation Team would be comfortable in their future. It won't be as easy as a year. Acknowledging your faults is just a step forward. Hell, it took me more than three years for my walls I built since childhood to fall. I think the walls that these characters in P4 have build their masks in the same way. Despite the fact they gained their ultimate Persona and reached the apex of their character development, I don't think they could just fall into their truer selves.

Again, I digress.

Sho Minazuki might possibly be a character in P5. It's a bit of a stretch but really we haven't seen a Persona or anything other than his fighting skills. For now, we have to see the game release and his story mode.

Finally Maaya Sakamoto (Aigis) finally dragged her husband into the world of Persona!


Persona 5 has a lot of potential for all the teaser had concluded.

I shall try to think of more speculations as more trailers come out for the game. For now, just enjoy the trailer and hope that it would surpass Persona 4 in terms of gameplay and story. I mean the character development of the series is always the best part aside from its brilliant music and plot but those help.

For future Arena games, I am sure certain members from the original games would come. I mean the Night Queen from 1 is Nyx and the Malevolent Entity might be Nyarlathotep from 2. The connection may be weak (as per Word of God) but really I am certain members would come... even though there might be a problem with the amnesia and the whole Tatsuya-and-Maya-meeting-again-would-start-apocalypse-for-the-second-time and let's not forget the Great Seal breaking cause another apocalypse... That's a lot of apocalypses. If Persona 5 has another one going on, I'll just throw my arms up the air exasperated and yell "That world is doomed! What on earth did the world do to these gods to create three apocalypses?!".

The Magicians!

I never realized it but Yosuke's Social Link is the reverse of Junpei's character development. Junpei was jealous of Minato for being better at everything than him (for all I criticized the manga version, at least this was addressed and it's very clear this would be in the movie for his character development) but he learned to accept it and once he lost Chidori, he grew strong, knowing Chidori gives her life for him and he will live. Yosuke on the other hand grew strong for Saki's death until we learn somewhere near the end of his Social Link he was jealous of Souji the entire time. What? Nowhere had it implied that Yosuke was jealous or consider himself boring to Souji, always calling him "Partner" and helping him whenever he could. Thisaddresses that Yosuke considers himself boring and even though he's girl-crazy, he knew he still had no chance. This takes place around the same time of his character development. Why not during the Magician Rank 2 or 3, Yosuke can say that he was jealous then and the type anybody can look up to and the ones girls would fall for? Yosuke must really be able to hold his jealousy better if he said so until the end. However, it is still not really great path if there are no subtle or blunt hints.

Heh, just felt like saying that.
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