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Short Time at Jack O' Con, Amazing Time at Kikori Con, Kamisama Kiss English Dub Cast Announced and the Great Debate- Dubbed Vs. Subbed!

Hey! Been awhile; sorry it took so long for this post. Took quite sometime to get the pictures from Tasha that she took at Kikori Con. Before I get to Kikori Con, I'll type about what happened at Jack O' Con. Just shortly after arriving Saturday morning, Jack O' Con was cancelled. We still really don't know exactly why the convention was cancelled, but a lot of people were pretty peeved about it. However just because it was cancelled we weren't going to let our 75 dollars go straight down the drain. I was able to meet Danielle McRae and Erin Fitzgerald so that was pretty awesome; plus Erin signed my Rune Factory 4 so I'm happy.

I wanted to see if Wendee Lee was there, but I chickened out haha.

We Production IG'd it up! Even though we were only at Jack O' Con for a few hours and we'll probably never get back our passes money or know the truth about its cancellation; it was pretty fun. Onto Kikori Con- Once we got to Flagstaff it reminded me of being in Chama somewhat; with all the forest trees and freezing cold temperature that I wasn't expecting >.< When we got to our hotel room that was like out there in Narnia from the con that was in the same hotel, I felt like we were in a European cabin haha. Forest cabin on the outside, European styled rooms on the inside.

I loved finally getting to cosplay Saya, but the wig drove me absolutely crazy the whole time! So I only cosplayed the first day of the con. I was so happy that people knew who I was cosplaying, one of the artist alley sellers said that was his favorite character design they've done for Saya in the Blood franchise and some people asked for a picture ^-^ So even though the wig was absolutely terrible to wear all that day; I had a great time cosplaying Saya Kisaragi! Train Heartnet from Black Cat! I saw this girl walking and I thought her cosplay looked familiar so I walked up to her and asked if she was cosplaying Kobato. Made my night when she said yes and I was really happy she came to my panel. My brother put his autographed Tsubasa OVA in as the last prize and made me think of a CLAMP question. My question was, 'What CLAMP character has the same name as CLAMP's anniversary?' I think she has read a lot of xxxHolic because she was the one to answer Watanuki pretty quickly; glad she came :)

Had to take a picture with a Maes Hughes cosplayer!

The first panel we went to was Histroy of Pok mon. Because I had to do a presentation about Pok mon for school (best assignment ever!) I already knew everything presented, but the two in charge of the panel were defiantly great to listen to and made it very fun =) Here are some of the pictures Tasha took of the Cosplayers there-

Since the maid cafwas only on the first day we decided to go to it right after the Pok mon panel and I really enjoyed it!

They were playing anime songs and suddenly I heard a very familiar song come on and then I hear 'Chobits!'. They were playing the Chobits opening and I was about to break out dancing haha; everyone knew it when it came on... well everyone except for Tasha... that girl sometimes. But it did make me very happy that people knew it, started singing along and even one of the maids started up a conversation about Chobits.

For Jan Ken Pon, the winner would get to pick any of the maids to hand feed them one of the desert treats they had. I was the first one out like usual >.< The winner was an Ash cosplayer and when asked which maid he wanted to feed him someone said 'Hey you gotta catch them all!' Made me and everyone else crack up laughing; good one dude who said that!

Our pictures with the amazingly awesome Monica Rial and Christopher Sabat!

Love their poses. I had a really great time meeting Monica and Chris! Of course I brought all my Tsubasa stuff to get signed at the first autograph session and when I told Monica I was doing the CLAMP panel she said she would love it if FUNimation licensed the rest of xxxHolic (being the ADR Director of season 1). Day was made, so defiantly show your support for xxxHolic!

Now to my first ever panel at an Anime Convention; CLAMP 101grabbing the X manga, putting it back and then running back out ^-^

Dear Kaspersky Anti- Virus computer pop-up... You're no bueno bro. It kept popping up and I didn't realize it most of the time I was going through the power point.

My prizes table with my awesome xxxHolic towel I got back at Sabaku Con.

XD My face.

Miguel was being my little Mokona buddy because I left my big black Mokona at home, Tasha bought me that Mokona cap as an early birthday present and Miguel wanted to wear it :3 Someone asked where she bought the Mokona cap. Since I was so nervous I think I said something else, but she bought it at Otakus Closet just outside of my panels ballroom.

Zero cosplayer that was at my panel! Some questions I was asked at the panel- Who is your favorite CLAMP character? Of course Fai D. Flourite from Tsubasa; like I told them, he's my 'husbando' haha. But really thinking about it, CLAMP hasn't really made a character I dislike... well except for the real Syaoran in Tsubasa (sorry, love my clone) and Kallen from Code Geass. CLAMP has created so many amazing characters that I have become attached to and can relate to. So I do have several other favorite characters like Saya Kisaragi from Blood-C duh, Kobato Hanato from Kobato, Tamayo Kizaki from Angelic Layer, Rolo from Code Geass, Fuma from Tsubasa, Doctor Kyle from Tsubasa, Eagle Vision from both Magic Knight Rayearth and Tsubasa and a bunch of others; but yes Fai is my absolute favorite character. What are some animes you showed while being the Anime Clubs President? Honestly mostly CLAMP series. With the Anime Clubs class being held in the school library I had to bring something appropriate so I brought Tsubasa several times, Angelic Layer, xxxHolic, Blood-C (which I totally felt bad about bringing because the projector played shows super slow so the Elder Bairns' blood was spraying for what seemed like minutes... so glad I didn't play episode 9 like they wanted me to haha). However I did bring animes other than just CLAMP ones of course. I brought Hetalia, Summer Wars, Ouran High School Host Club and Sgt. Frog (However Brice was being... well Brice, we never watched Sgt. Frog). And yes I was asked to bring Pantyotherwise I won't. On the side of CLAMP however, I usually do prefer the manga. After the Bee Train catastrophe and CLAMP being my art inspirations, I try to stay updated on the mangas more so. I had a super fantastic time at Kikori Con and hopefully will be there again next year! Kamisama Kiss English Dub Cast- Nanami Momozono- Tia BallardTomoe- J. Michael TatumKurama- Sean O'ConnorMizuki- Micah SolusodMikage- Joel McDonaldOtohiko-Ian SinclairNarrator- Luci ChristainOnikiri- Jad SaxtonKotetsu- Josh GrelleHimemiko- Monica RailKotaro- Chris BurnettNarukami- Lydia MackayDragon King- Robert McCollumKamehime- Anastasia MunozYukiji- Tia BallardMegumi- Michelle RojasChie- Appia YuAmi- Alexis TiptonAkura-Oh- Brandon Potter ADR Director- Jerry JewelADR Engineer- Kyle Phillips

Here is the dub trailer of Kamisama Kiss-

For Kamisama Kiss FUNimation is doing a release called the 'Goddess Edition'. The Goddess Edition includes a bunch of cool Kamisama Kiss collectables and of course is only here for a limited time, however the Goddess Edition is quite a pretty penny. Me, being me already put in my pre-order for the Goddess Edition of Kamisama Kiss, so I hope it's truly worth what I spent on it. Kamisama Kiss Goddess Edition and DVD/Blu-Ray Combo Pack will be released February 11th of next year. You can order Kamisama Kiss DVD/ Blu-Ray combo pack by clicking this link- You can order the Goddess Edition by clicking this link. Make sure you put in your pre-order soon, because when it's gone, it's gone- Also to be released next year in February; Evangelion: 3.33 You Can (Not) Redo- Looks pretty epic >=D You can pre-order the DVD by clicking on this link- Blu-Ray by clicking on this link- Now for the great debate! Dubbed anime vs. Subbed anime- Firstly this great Sentai Filmworks motivational picture. Sentai Manager: So how many boxes did we need for all our un-dubbed anime?

Sentai worker: Well sir... IT'S OVER 9,000!

Like others have said; it really depends on how you watched it first that usually makes you like one over the other. Personally I feel anime licensing companies should try to dub as much as they possibly can that they have licensed. If you don't like the voices' of the English dub because you watched it in Japanese first all you have to do is switch the audio to Japanese and put on subtitles. This isn't my way of bashing on the Japanese. I watch a lot of anime in Japanese first as well and love the Japanese better than the English and vise- versa. But having it where you can always switch from Japanese to English or English to Japanese seems like the best choice. To those who are just getting into anime; the first thing that you show them isn't a sub; right? People like me who only know a small bit of Japanese defiantly does not want to be reading subs to something I own for more than three hours (especially at night) and of course multitasking. If you need or want to do something else while watching anime. I like watching anime in both Japanese and English, but all in all, just support the series you love.

A little Attack on Titan CLAMP crossover I found that I wanted to share- Yes I finally started watching Attack on Titan and I am really liking it. Need to watch more when I have time. Finally, some CLAMP Christmas Illustrations and upcoming conventions- I will be at Taiyou Con January 3rd thru 5th in Phoenix, Arizona. I will hopefully be cosplaying crossover Freya from Chobits and my OC Freya Ray Reed because the lovey voice of Freya and Chi; Michelle Ruff will be there with several other guests- The convention I've been excited about for a long time now; Sabaku Con April 11th thru the 13th in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The amazing Vic Mignogna, Todd Haberkorn, Colleen Clinkenbeard and many others; so defiantly try to come down-

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