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TEENAGE bucket list ideas?

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I wanna do a ton of fun things this summer. I'm a 15 yr old girl and I need ideas for a fun summer bucket list:) thanks!


This is my bucket list for my whole life, so a lot of things aren't for your or my age, but I hope it inspires you!

1) Leave my handprints in wet cement.

2) Travel around the world (just pack your bags and leave).

3) Dye my hair blue.

4) Have a food fight.

5) Study on Oxbridge.

6) Live in London.

7) Live in New York.

11) Meet Ed Westwick (or walk past him in the street or something like that)

12) Graduate with straight A's (or at least a few)

14) Watch all the big bang theory, the lying game, fringe, friends, two and a half men and so on episodes.

16) Learn how to snowboard.

17) Really well.

18) Dance in the rain.

19) Make mistakes.

20) Kiss in the rain.

21) Make more mistakes.

22) Visit all the places where they filmed Harry Potter.

23) Make my best friend come with me to England.

25) Buy the unofficial Harry Potter cookbook and make every single recipe.

26) Ride a gondola.

27) Watch the ball drop on times square.

28) Take crazy pictures.

29) Take crazy pictures in a photo booth.

30) Go on a road trip with no destination.

31) Visit Machu Picchu.

32) Have a pet pig.

33) Walk on the walk of fame.

34) Buy lots of Victoria's Secret.

35) Stay up all night to watch the sun rise.

36) Party on a yacht.

37) Build a snowman.

38) Give flowers to a stranger.

39) Buy a polaroid camera.

40) Cliff jump.

41) Cover my bedroom wall with pictures and sweet things.

42) Have a huge water balloon fight.

43) Kiss in the back of a cab.

44) Bake something in the middle of the night with someone I love.

45) Write: This way to the Ministry of Magic on a public toilet.

46) Go on a non-budget shopping spree.

47) Dye my hair red.

48) Have a flat stomach.

49) Go on a midnight stroll in Paris.

50) Breathe in helium with friends.

51) Steal a street sign.

52) Take a poor kid with you to have a day of absolute fun.

53) Get absolutely waisted with friends.

54) Have a mud fight.

55) Send a message in a bottle.

56) Go on a road trip of partying with my best friends.

57) See stone henge.

58) Kiss a stranger under the mistletoe.

59) Develop a British accent.

60) Give a homeless person a Christmas present.

61) Make a rainbow cake.

62) Dive into a pool of chocolate.

63) Run through a field of sunflowers.

64) Get a matching tattoo with someone.

65) Have a one night stand with a guy you've never seen before.

66) Get dreadlocks.

67) Dye my hair extremely blonde.

68) Own a pair of Christian Louboutin heels.

69) See a Broadway Play.

70) Skydive.

71) Wear colored contacts.

72) Make a "free something" paper.

73) Jumping out of random closets in Ikea, yelling: "Oh my god, Narnia is so awesome!"

74) Learn how to skateboard.

75) Take a high school year abroad.

76) GO TO PERU (I'm actually going this summer!)

77) Have a Star Wars marathon.

78) Have a Disney marathon.

79) Get a gym subscription and work my *** off.

80) Date a British boy.

81) Date an American boy.

82) Graduate in America with straight A's.

83) Be on one of those movie-like gigs.

84) Celebrate Thanksgiving.

85) Experience prom.

86) Ride a subway.

87) Finish all the Kingdom Hearts games.

88) Have 3 children.

89) Get a tattoo that says "Always." on my left shoulder or foot.

90) Get an infinity tattoo in my neck.

91) Get a relics of death tattoo on my left wrist.

92) Get a flying birds tattoo somewhere.

93) Get a keyhole tattooed somewhere.

94) Get to the hot page on 9gag.

95) Meet Viggo Mortensen (aragorn is my favorite character)

96) Have a LOTR marathon.

97) Read all Harry Potter books in English (I'm Dutch)

98) Make things up with my former best friend, or at least let her know how much I miss her.

99) Go to Paris with Sophie.

100) Kiss a French boy.

101) Kiss under water.

102) Get Vans.

103) Kiss lying down in the snow.

106) Kiss in a Ferris wheel.

107) Dip dye my hair.

108) Dye my hair mint green.

109) Try weed.

110) Get out of here.

111) Complete Wreck this Journal.

112) Build a fort out of sheets.

113) Pimp my skateboard.

114) Learn how to surf.

115) Kiss a girl.

116) Get a house where you can sit on the roof.

117) Go to the mall with a sign saying "free hugs".

118) Carve my name into a tree.

119) Roll down a huge hill.

120) Take a photo every day.

121) Hand out lemons wearing a shirt that says "life".

122) Drive around with a "honk if..." sign.

123) Leave a note on someones car window.

124) Photo-bomb someones picture.

125) Have a scary movie marathon.

126) Spend a whole day barefoot... Outside!

127) Superglue a quarter to the ground. Watch.

128) Dress up as guys and go out.

129) Paint each other.

130) Finish Final Fantasy X & X-2.



I was online and found this picture. I was curious to see if anyone can name all 50 of the anime/manga symbols. The one with most gets the best answer.

Link :


One piece (pirate symbol)

Hetalia (Mochi)

Azumaga daioh (kitty)

The world god only knows (scarf)

Cardcaptor sakura (winged bear thing I forgot it's name been to long..)

Hamtaro (hamster)

Soul eater (makas scythe)

Panty and stocking (stockings stuffed cat)

Persona 4 (teddie)

Mawarou penguindrum (penguin)


Naruto (on the girls bag)

Puelle magi madoka magica (in the gumball machine theres mamis soul gem)

Pokemon (pokeball)

Idolm@ster (The frog purse)

Bleach (byakuras clips)

Natsume Yuiinchou (Natsumes book)


Ghibli films

Howls moving castle (the black dust mite things)

Legend of zelda (nami)

Mario (mushroom)

It's weird I recognise some more but I can't for the life of me name them..


Denpa onna (UFO)

K-on (ritsus hair thing)

Gurren Lagaan (on the girls neck is the drill necklace)

Code Geass (the yellow thing next to hamtaro)

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (butterfly)

Sailor Moon (the thing that goes on her head it's the yellow thing with the red gem by the mouse)

Ore no imouto (

Yu gi oh (pretty sure those cards are from yugi? not 100%)

Guilty crown (guilty crown symbol)

Touhou (I might of mixed her umbrella up with another umbrella but i think it is touhou)

Shakugan no Shana (the bread)

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