Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Time for Anime!

YES, I have recently got into anime, and out of respect for some of my new favourite cartoon shows, I decided to make the following list...

Top 11 Hottest Anime Guys:

11. SUZAKU KURURUGI (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.)(Relatively high level of hotness.Personally I think the animation in the show makes the girls look more attractive and the boys less so, but that's just me, I guess.).10. ALLEN WALKER (D-Gray Man.).(Yeah, he's a wee bit...Erm....Maybe it's just because I haven't watched much of the show yet, but he doesn't seem to have much personality.Which is why I've put him so on the list, because he sure is cute!)9. YU NARUKAMI (Persona 4: The Animation)(Yeah, he's in an animation.I haven't played the game, so I can't comment on what he's like in that.He seems pretty well sorted mentally, and he's handsome.:-))8. LIGHT (Death Note.)(He may be pretty hot...But darn is he creepy...:-/ .Otherwise I may have put him higher up in the list.)7. YUKIO OKUMURA (The Blue Exorcist.)(He's adorable, but there isn't that spark that a certain other character in the show has....).6. YU KANDA (D-Gray Man) (Personally, I think he's hotter than Allen.THERE, I said it.I mean, the HAIR.And his dark expression...SWOON.).5. SEBASTIAN (Black Butler.)(Come on.Seriously.Who DOESN'T fancy Sebastian to some extent?He's not exactly human, but that just ADDS to the attraction....:-) ).(To be honest, 6 and 5 are kind of a tie for me...I probably put Black Butler up higher just because I know his character slightly better at the moment.Things may change in the future...)4. KAIBA (the Yugioh series, it's not something I really watch but he looks absolutely amazing.)3. SPIKE SPIEGEL (Cowboy Bebop).(He may be a lot different from all of these other characters, but there's....Er....Ooooh.... Just something that I like about him.XD.).2. FINNIAN (Black Butler.)(And yes, he's not an obvious guy to pick, because he's not a main character and all, but he's SO CUTE!!:D :DAlso, he's against animal cruelty, which puts him WAY up at the top of my list.).1. RIN OKUMURA (The Blue Exorcist.)(May this be cliche?If it is, I don't care.HE'S AWESOME.In just about EVERY SINGLE WAY.OMG.).

OK, OK, I haven't finished watching any of the above series yet, so my opinion of the characters and their' hotness may change any time soon.I just felt like making this list now.

Isn't it mind-blowing just how many hot guys there are in animes, and there are SO FEW in Western animations????WHYYYYY?

Ahem, never mind.

Do you agree with this list?Do you think there are any hot anime guys I should have added?Please bear in mind that I am pretty new to anime, and I have a certain taste for certain "men" in cartoons.Which is reflected above.I think.
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