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Top 10 Favorite Anime Series

Ohayo everyone!

So I've been working on this one for a while. Was supposed to be done earlier this week but what with not having Internet on thanksgiving, and recording auditions for star wars, it got backburnered.

anyway, here are my top 10 Favorite Anime series of all time. and a few special mentions.


10. Elfen Lied: This is the most depressing show on the list. It starts like a splatter film, then makes you care about the insane murdering girl and over the course of the show it just keeps twisting as the show goes. Extremely violent and gory and a surprising amount of nudity. but it's one of the best show if you can look past them. I dare any girl to do Lucy from the first scene. I offer to make the helmet.

9. High School of the Dead: Well, Zombies and Boobs. I have a love Hate relationship with this show. It's a lot of fun and has tons of cool action. but the show decides its girls boobs are more important as the show goes on. I'm not complaining, but when you can fire a sniper rifle supported by boobs, at zombies, have it go between two bouncing boobs (horizontally, as they bounce around the bullet) (fully clothed) and head shot another begs so many questions about physics and the writers horniness. yet the show was very fun all the way through. Also, try looking for Highschool of the Dead on google images. it took a while to find one I can use.

8. Attack on Titan: Yeah, My favorite of this year, by far. I admit I haven't seen the second half of the season (I have it, it's just getting backlogged with other things. Maybe I'll finish them up this week as well. Anyway the first half of the show is absolutely amazing, gut wrenching and beautiful. not to mention some of the coolest action and props I've ever seen. I'd cosplay the show, but it's too popular for my Hipsterish brain.

7. Ergo Proxy:I loved this series. It's slow and plodding, but has some of the best Animation I've seen for an anime. out of all the shows on this list it has the most Unique feel and felt different than normal anime. The overall storyline was slow and kinda confuzzling, but the show made up for it with it's uniqueness and animation. I even have the Theme song as a Ringtone.

6. Angel Beats: It's been a while since I watched this. The show was Very well made. a bit slow in the beginning but picked up as the series went on. I found myself loving it as it got into the later parts of the show. It has a really weird and dark sense of humor, which is one of my favorite things about it. The 'Life after life' concept was fun and interesting. Kinda wish I remembered more of the ending.

5. One Piece: My first full on long series. Most of the others on this list are around 25 to 50 Episodes. Im on episode 610 of One Piece. It's a massive show, with so much going on. not as complex as I was led to believe, but it is a massive show. I get why it's deemed one of the greats in Japan. it's lots of fun and has a bunch of oddball characters. unfortunately I can't stand luffy most of the time, but I like the rest of the crew. even dedicated fanservice girl Nami. I have three different one Piece characters I'm planning on doing for Cosplays, Trafalger Law, Sanji and Zoro.

4. Mirai Nikki: In a word: Brutal. Mirai Nikki is one of the most brutal anime's I've seen. but I absolutely loved all of it. The concept of journals and cell phones that tell the future is great. and seeing the different iterations of the concept of journals was cool. only amplified by the fact that I was keeping a log of everything I did during the day. never got a future Diary though. I personally Really like Yuno and Yuki as a couple. not because they were a good couple but because they were so dysfunctional. and Yuno Kinda scares the hell out of me. the series does get a bit Farfetched, but I still enjoyed it.

3. Eureka Seven: I'll admit, It's been years since I even thought of this show. until I noticed Astral Ocean, the second Series. I haven't seen AO yet, but I plan too. Anyway, Eureka Seven is an amazing show, Very slow in the beginning, but once you get into the series it just Rolls along. It's a great show. I Wish I could remember more of it. I remember getting really into it and rifling through a lot of it in a very short amount of time. The romance of Renton and Eureka was very well done, and The action scenes were astounding. A very great show all around.

2. Code Geass:Code Geass was a lucky find. I was looking around online and stumbled on a forum with 'favorite anime lists' and I noticed Code Geass. I was decided to give it a go, and after a couple restarts I got hooked, watching almost all of the first season in one continuous sitting. Lelouch is a really cool character. my only issue with the show is it gets really confusing near the end of the second season, it ends up with gods, or people's fathers killing people, it's weird and I can honestly say I don't remember the ending all that well. otherwise the show is absolutely fantastic. I also want a Geass power, it'd be fun.

1. Deathnote:Deathnote was the first show that got me back into anime. before this I only watched shows like Pokemon, Dragon Ball z, and Digimon. Deathnote was the first series that made me realize that anime could be Extremely well written and intense. I had read the Manga first (first, manga ever as well) I was just sucked into the world of Deathnote, the Anime, the manga, the three Movies. I loved it from moment I started it, and even after the Midway point. (That Death that everyone says killed the series) It was still a damn good show. It's also one of the few shows that doesn't get really confusing and convoluted as it came to a close. Nothing has kept my attention near as much as Deathnote. I have a Deathnote too, it doesn't work, damn.

- Honorable Mentions -

Deadman Wonderland

- Really got into this show, wasnt able to finish it, but it was the right mix of brutality and intrigue

Eden of the East

- Really weird anime, but too many naked old guys to win a place on the list

Vampire Knight

- Enjoyed watching it, but Cant remember much about it.


- It's hot girls as pokemon. what's not to love?

So, Thank's all of you for reading. Let me know in the comments what your favorite Anime's are. Also, while youre here, follow me, or share this list!

I'll be updating soon with another list, stay peeled.
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