Tuesday, January 7, 2014

An Attempt to Deny History

Author's Note: Damn me for having a [physical journal] and trying to establish a new blog.

Talk about historical revisionism. --"

It's been a nasty debate inside my mind for like, more than 2 years. Whether (1) I should stop blogging and just focus on my physical journal; (2) completely abolish my blog; or (3) completely abolish the idea that I should write instead of type.

I'm now choosing the third one this time. At the end of 2013, I realized that it's already too late to just write on a journal because I only wanted to improve my handwriting. My fingers are more suited to typing now. It can be a sad fact, thinking how we always compare this generation's handwriting with philosophers with beard (sorry for being sexist this time). But I just have to accept that society is becoming modern. It is ever-changing.

Anyway, I should end this internal fiasco by saying that I should not deny the things that made me "me". I may have to delete some posts because they're soooooo (1) angsty; (2) embarassing; (3) morbid for my future audiences / my future kids. Really. Seriously. I think, since I'm more futuristic now, I should write more descent things for them. If, unfortunately, I'll be unable to say things I really want to say to them at the future (because of some circumstances *e.g. hierarchy of authority, teenage rebellion angst or something*), at least they have the option of reading this as reference. Whether they'll find this useful is up to them. Well, this isn't just for little kids but also for my friends. I hope for moments when we meet up in a random corner of a street (or in my house, preferably) and go on talking about things that are very "relatable" to us. After all, the blog is a meeting place when we're hiding from each other. :)

Yup. That's it. For the future! :D

^Aaaaand I sound like Lelouch. :)) Great anime btw, Code Geass. Too many feels!! ;;
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