Sunday, January 5, 2014

Anime rants~

Okay! >:D I've finished all 76 episodes of Jigoku Shoujo in the past 3 days! God, GOD!! THERE'S SO MUCH HINTED SHOUJO AI! AND WHEN AI KISSED YUZUKI I'M ALL LIKE, YES, IT'S CANON! IT'S CANON! She saved her because she liked her!! She didn't want Yuzuki to suffer like her!


Yeah, I know it's a little late to fandom over such an old anime. But well, I dropped it back then because of the awfully repetitious sub-stories. But, I decided to give it a chance again. AND I'M SO FUCKING GLAD I DID! BECAUSE SEASON 2... SEASON 2...

Urggg!! URRGGG I'm a huge sucker for obsessive platonic love between friends and character's dilemma and fear for committing incest. They exploited these two stereotypes in the sub stories so well!!

"At least this way, we'll end up in hell together."

My fucking favourite quote! Q.Q

And NANA MIZUKI IS THE VA FOR TSUGUMI! It's worth it, rewatching the lack luster season 1!! IT'S WORTH IT!! FOR THE SAKE OF NANA MIZUKI!!!!

And it took me a long long while before I realized Ichimoku Ren is hot. like... Hmm... Hone-Onna caught my eyes at first because I'm weak against the whole disheveled kimono, sultry look (all she needs is a pipe). Then a few episodes after I was all like, hmm, who is this character again? What's the name.

OHH. Ohhhhh!!

And Jaelle finally, FINALLY watched Kakumeiki Valvrave. XD I knew it, she liked the hikikomori! And salute to the Marie we both adored that died. :( I really hate Shoko though. Despite the ending, I still fucking hate shoko!

So~ Which series should I spam next? :D Omg~ I wish someone would remove my memories so I could rewatch Death note, Code Geass and Higurashi all over again! @^@ Those 3 are the best psychological trillers I've ever seen!

And the new anime that's out this season look promising as well! Just like the ones of last season~
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