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Another one bites the dust

Man, and I thought 2012 ended badly2013 seemed to just want to carry on the way it started and I am very glad to see the back of this year!!

Still, some things didn't change, like the flux of anime shows which have come and gone. Some are remembered while others are forgotten. But here are the shows which made the biggest impression on me.

Majestic Prince was far and away my favourite show of the year but I am a mecha nut. Shin Sekai Yori was the show which stuck with me the most and Psycho Pass had a very interesting premise but kinda fizzled at the end. Mondaiji was just fun but I wanted more

And now, the other list


* TAMAKO MARKET was just dull, dull DULL!

* DATE-A-LIVE was a travesty. Everything about it was BAD!!! And it's getting a sequel? What demon did they need to sacrifice to in order to get that unholy monstrosity green-lit?

* OREIMO should not exist. Nuke the 2nd season and just do the first one and the novels too for good measure.

* STELLA JOGAKUIN KOUTOUKA C3-BU Was so much fun right until the last few eps when suddenly, it went all dark and angsty. Fastest dive into crap EVER!!

* Speaking of which, KAKUMEKI VALVRAVE tried so hard to keep itself afloat despite aping a crapload of shows and having pretty much no structure like Code Geass and Guilty Crown (see where this is headed?). But ultimately failed


I just had to start up a list of these shows. Ones so bad, making someone watch through them is akin to torture. I decided to make the cutoff point around 2010 otherwise, this list will get very long indeed but for now, lets start off with the obvious candidates

* Natsuyuki Rendezvous

* Black Rock Shooter

* Blood-C

* Guilty Crown

And nope, Date-A-Live was a real stinker but not bad enough to get onto this list. Not yet, at least. The sequel might push it in tho. Hopefully, no more shows will be placed on it for some time


* Infinite Stratos 2 - The second season was a bit of an abortion compared to the first. The makers only kept the bare skeleton of the story from the LN and basically filled the show with fluff. A poor sequel which should have been made better, much better.

* Genshiken Nidaime - Everything about the show just screamed CHEAP!!!!

* Red Data Girl - It started off slow and then showed promise before just fizzling away

* Monogatari - There's only so much "nothing actually happens" eps I can take

* Walkure Romanze - Needed more Celia. A LOT more!!!


* Gatchaman Crowds

* Girls und Panzer

* GJ-bu

* HyperDimension Neptunia: The animation (It didn't completely suck!!!)

* Copellion (I never knew ppl could make a show so boring with the premise it has )


* A lot of shows didn't have the same impact for me than others as I had read the source material long beforehand so I knew all the twists that were coming. Shingeki no Kyojin, Infinite Stratos 2, Maoyuu Maou Yuusha and SAO all suffered for it.

* Suisei no Gargantia was a great little show but I wonder how it could pull off a sequel since it was pretty much standalone

* Nyarlko-san and Seitokai no Ichizon returned this year and were still great and very funny but not quite as good or as fresh as before.

* Kind of a dick move to end High School DxD New halfway into the 2nd story arc

* Gin no Saji was great but not eligible for this list cos it's technically not done yet. One more season to take us into 2014. Maybe it'll make the list then.

* I still can't believe that they put in the theme song of Police Story (yes, the Jacky Chan movie) into Symphogear G. Aoi Yuki singing in cantonese was quite hilarious and unexpected.

* Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyobi was close to getting into my top 5 of the year but I had to remember that it wasn't telling a story like most shows but building a world. The closest thing I can think of to compare is Kino no Tabi.

* Did Anyone watch Kimi ga Iru Machi?

* Robotics; Notes got really stupid near the end but Fuugori was still awesome!!

* Hataraku Maou-sama was a lot of fun but I fail to see why it gets so much praise. It's good but not that good.

* K was also an interesting distraction. Curious to see how the sequel turns out.

* Blazblue: Alter Memory was hilarious for all the wrong reasonsAnd it didn't break the Fighting game anime curse. Not by a long shot

* Busou Shinki turned out x times better than I expected, but I kinda preferred the OVA short they released a while back.

* Muv-Luv Total Eclipse was a great ride while it lasted but didn't leave much of an impression. Still, a second season might fix that.

* Everything about Senran Kagura is actually better than most ppl (who have never even tried them before) give them credit for. The anime and games aren't masterpieces but entertaining enough.

* I love the ED song for Photokano. Can't remember much else about the show except for that. *goes back to Amagami and KimiKiss*

There are a few more shows which should be eligible for this list (kyoukai no Kanata, for one) but I haven't finished them at the time of writing (my backlog got a bit big again). but we can't just keep talking about the anime shows since this year was pretty good for movies too!

This year, the hollywood bandwagon came on pretty big with Iron Man 3, which was a fantastic film with a great twist which worked really well! I felt trolled at first but after I had some time to think about it, I appreciated the film much more. The last battle with all the different armours was also a blast. But the biggest amount of awesome is reserved for PACIFIC RIM!!! When I came back from the IMAX where I watched it, I posted on social networks basically saying that the film was pretty bad in most respects but you will be very hard pressed to make a bigger grin on my face after seeing that film. It was a bad film, the plot was all over the place and didn't have holes but craters, the amount of stupid in the film was high and none of the characters really stuck with you and you know what? IT DIDN'T MATTER ONE BIT!!! It was pure, unadulterated fun and a live action film I feel like I've been waiting for a huge chunk of my life to see. At first, I thought it wastransformers, but I've always preferred the piloted mecha as opposed to the sentient ones (and the bayformers movies do suck). If you haven't seen Pacific Rim, why not????

There were some duds, of course. Star Trek into darkness was a real stinker which almost made me facepalm as it just did its twists. Man of Steel was also just plain wrong. But just remember, 2013 gave us Pacific Rim!

As for the anime movies, I randomly decided to go to an anime movie all nighter in East London which featured Wolf Children and ALL 4 EVANGELION MOVIES back-to-back!! Wolf Children was a wonderfully made movie but the one thing which hit me the most at the end of the film was how much of a dick Yuki grew up to beI know the story showed him embracing his animal side instead of his human one but he was still a pretty big dick about it.It was like the worst part of puberty and then some! I would have liked to see more of what happened in the future with Ame and Hana. We know that Ame was narrating but she sounded older than where the movie ended

As for Evangelion Q

Most people I know who watched it when it was in the Japanese Cinemas got it right when they said WTF? The movie makes very little sense as a standalone movie and not much more sense when considered as part of the series. But what really got me was this: Many years ago, when Eva 2.0 was in cinemas, a friend of mine showed me a few threads on korean and japanese messageboards as fans debated what was going to happen in the next few films. Remember, this was long before Q was even announced as the title and it looks like these guys might actually be right!!! Still, watching the first 2 movies again was a real treat and there's still enough interest to see how they wrap this all up (and lets see if those predictions from all those years ago will actually hold true. If so, fandom is incredibly scary!!)

And next, the video games!


There's only one real contender for this

Damn straight! Despite being released at the start of the year, like Bayonetta before it, nothing even came close to matching the sheer level of fun of this game for the rest of the year! We've had big hitters, new consoles and a whole host of other surprise hits but Metal Gear Rising stands above them all for me!! The soundtrack was also amazing!!


* Tales of Xillia was a timely reminder of how great JRPGs can be when crafted with steady hands.

* Bravely Default is another game which shows that JRPGs are far from dead.

* A link between worlds was not as good as a link to the past but it's the most fun I've had with a zelda game for years!!! The rental system needs to go tho.

* I enjoyed Project Diva on Vita way more than I should have

* It's a testament to Vanillaware and their work that I have bought muramasa rebirth on the vita on sale and, despite getting all the swords and endings (which required a stupid amount of grinding) on the wii, I can't stop playing it!

* Speaking of Vanillaware, Dragon's Crown was a major highlight of the year and probably second on my list for 2013. A distant 2nd but still

* Project X zone was a fun distraction which actually didn't fix any of the major issues of its predecessor (god, those stages were long )

* Bioshock Infinite wasn't as good as the original Bioshock but was still a very good shooter and way better than the unnecessary direct sequel

* Anarchy Reigns was another platinum game which was incredible fun but had a really short shelf life. It lived and died on its multiplayer and the scene dried up really fast due to the fact that the west had to wait AGES for it!

* The last of usNuff said

* Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory was another improvement on the last game. Eventually, they may actually make one which is good!

* Lego Marvel Superheroes was way more fun than I was expecting. not worth full retail price tho.

* The senran Kagura games are pretty shallow but completely playable. no, really!

* Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is a good idea but it's way too soon after the first release. And vita owners who bought DoA5+ got burned bad!!

* PS+ is totally worth it!! So many free games this year, including games I would not otherwise play, like the indies and remember me!

* Sony at E3. Talk about bringing the fight!!


*Batman: Arkham Origins - Same game as the one released a couple of years ago but buggy as hell!!

* Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate - I did not need a reminder of the worst in the Metroid series.

* Persona 4 Arena - You don't need to be a fighting game maniac to work out how broken it is and how OP Mitsuru is. Never mind the delay

* Remember me - Such an Ironic name since it was so forgettable.

* DMC - you know that guy in school who tries too hard to appear cool and fails miserably? Yup, that's this game!

* Ni no Kuni - CONTROVERSY!!! To be fair, it's not a bad game. It's just that, for me, it wasn't a particularly great one. The production values were triple A and it looked gorgeous, the dub was great but the combat felt so sluggish to me and the game as a whole felt really grindy. Admittedly, I didn't fully utilise my familiars but I do feel that Tales of Xillia was a better all round RPG, as was Bravely Default.

* PS Vita - Its a great system which deserves way more than its getting. just persuading people that it's good is kinda hard but I don't know any owner of one which is disappointed in their purchase!

And that's all she wrote for 2013. The figures retrospective will come at the blogs anniversary as usual. Thanks to all of you who have stuck with me so far and
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