Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dear You, Yes You #1

Dear You, Yes You,

Here's to what I can say to last year. We've been apart because of major changes but we still connect to each other when we meet. And I think it's a good sign. So, for all the days we've missed being around each other, you decided to spend a night with me. No homo. We're bestfriends (duh) and what I've imagine could have been a one-on-one slumber party. But ofcourse, that didn't happen due to lack of planning. And I must always agree with you. A night isn't enough.

And I think the most important detail is that a night isn't enough when we have our own computers with us (this may sound unexpected to some, but for us, it's so true)

We still enjoyed watching the films and the series. But did you also feel something lacking? Maybe our Tough Ten was the one. (ToughTen is like putting someone in a hot-seat and is asked 10 tough questions about anything related to that person). Or maybe because I pushed on with Code Geass instead of going to bed with you and chat about censored things (just kidding. hahahaha!) :D.

A night could be enough for a recap. But we have to accept things that are limited to our reach. Like our time for each other. And we should just make the best out of it, when the time comes.Author's Note: This is an open letter for best friends who felt like they've been missing-in-action in each other's lives for quite a while.
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