Friday, January 10, 2014

Kakumeiki Valvrave 2


Valvrave is most certainly an interesting anime. It is both a rare type of anime yet a very similar one to many others. One show that it bares great resemblance to is my own personal favourite, Code Geass. I hear you ask how can it be rare and common at the same time? Well I shall inform you.

Yeah it is very similar to Code Geass, the Valvraves themselves looked very similar to the Nightmares from Code Geass. Many characters bared significant resemblance however I am not going to go into all of that. Instead I am going to tell you why this anime was infact a very rare anime.

The second season of Kakumeiki Valvrave much like the first one had many flaws. Firstly it is startling to think a group of school children could have their own nation. That whole concept is just beyond me. How did they even stand a chance of gaining international recognition? In my own experience and a numerous amount of teenagers across the world, we find it extremely difficult to gain recognition as equals even with older family members let alone world superpowers. Secondly I was left baffled by the fact that Haruto ended up dying after all his runes being used up yet if we look at Saki Rukino who took control of a Valvrave not long after Haruto, was left completely unaffected. It did not make sense whatsoever. And for me the worst and biggest fault was the ending. Haruto's death had no sting to it, we were not able to see a full aftermath instead we were fast forwarded to the future after seeing a brief reaction from L-Elf and Shoko which for me was simply not good enough. Ok now I have got all the major faults out the way I can tell you my honest opinion. Despite recognising these clear undeniable faults I was left mesmerised by the entire show. I knew the faults existed however at the same time I took so much enjoyment from watching this anime. I cherished every episode. And this is why I feel this is a rare anime. Usually major faults like these would have over-shadowed the anime and left it in a negative light however Valvrave defied all the rules. And instead of despising the anime I see it as one of my all-time favourites. Haruto's friendly soft personality could have ruined the anime for me however I feel the pairing of him and L-elf was nothing short of a pure stroke of genius. I applaud the writer of this anime for putting Haruto and L-Elf together. Haruto's determination to fight for his friends added together with L-elf's tactical genius and ruthless edge gave all the ingredients for a powerful duo not to be reckoned with. They made each other look good and in a far brighter light. Haruto's dependence on L-elf's aid in tactical warfare furthered our opinion of L-elf's mental abilities. Likewise L-elf's confidence in Haruto made us see him as a worthy pilot of unit one. Another character that grabbed my attention was Cain. His pure cutting edge and lack of emotion made him into the perfect psychopathic rival for Haruto and L-elf. Especially with L-elf if you think about 'The Perfection army' link.

Ok aside from the characters, there are still many compliments to give the deserved recipient. The animation was nothing short of magnificent. Everything just looked perfect. From the Valvraves to the characters. Simply amazing. That's about it, I have so much more to say about Valvrave but I'll end up being here all day so I'll conclude. I recommend every single one of you to give this masterpiece a watch. I guarantee you will not regret this. You cannot possibly call yourself a fan of anime if you do not give Valvrave a chance. So go and watch it now! That will be all, thank you for reading my review. Ensure you keep an eye on this site as there will be review of all your favourite anime or not so favourite in some cases.

Finally here are the rating have given Valvrave:Story 9/10

Characters 10/10

Art 9/10

Sound 10/10

ATTACK RATING: *****(Compelling)
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