Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Life Update #1[and why we take vacations for granted]

First for 2014. Some big firsts that happened on 2013 (of December) which directly affects 2014. And today is the first day of classes (actually it's the resumption of classes but the first day sounds more appealing). Aaaand, I didn't go to classes (because I was sick. Again. Third time. Bleh)

2013 of December- Two events shook me to the core.

1. Code Geass (Oh Code Geass feels are still here)

2. I have successfully learned how to drink tablet medicines. F*** yeah!

Plus, I managed to take 2 capsules and 4 tablets in total for the whole year. That's the improvement. I shall live longer than I used to think of when I still couldn't muster the thought of not having syrup-medicine. I think..

2014- The start of 2014 was a really bad one. I ended up eating too many (is it still called Noche Buena?) food. Lots of food. I just surfed the Internet while munching everything on the table. Because of that and lack of water, I fell ill. It was like the last time that I got sick; I also tried 4 different flavors of cake minus the water equals sickbed. That's just sad, because I was planning to get on with my studies after the first of January. Right now, I don't know ANYTHING at all about my subjects. When I was sick, I couldn't read complicated stuff because I know that my brain would just trick me to telling that I processed something, but it actually didn't. So it would be just a waste of time.

Instead of reading my estimated 1 kilo of readings that I brought home, I read Gretchen Rubin's "The Happiness Project", which is a good book by the way. And when there came a time I just couldn't read because the topic does not suit my tastes well, I opted for drawing. But I've only drawn three anime characters. And I learned that I enjoy doing them. Thank heavens for being a perfectionist because I think you need it to tend the little details and other stuff. I just can't let myself trust my shading skills for now so I just made the outline. I plan to photocopy it and have the copies be colored by my newly bought watercolor pencils (really, I feel like a kid again, which feels great ). I think it's a good investment to spend for the things I've always wanted to have.

Right now, I miss my "missed chance" of taking a good vacation. I know it's not practical anymore to delve into regretting that I brought home my jumbo readings in Socio (and oh, if I only knew that I couldn't submit a 1/2 sized paper for Socio today, I could not have been thinking about regret). Or cursing my brother for leaving his child to our care. I can't do anything about my past misfortune, anyways. All (again) lies into normative form of analysis. Next time, they shall not, by all means, happen again. Yes. Definitely.

I think (if not repeated in some other posts in here, whew), one should view vacation as a phenomenon that has many transitions. On your first days, you still do what you're supposed to do in work or school, then there comes a peak where you shouldn't care at all and just have fun. After that, you slowly go back to your useful self with the satisfied feeling that vacation has brought to you. Because vacations are supposed to free your mind for a bit. It should let you feel that you deserve a break because of your efforts (GOOD OR BAD), and then after that, you will be revitalized again.

Vacations aren't a season of cramming either. Vacations don't work for the interests of your mind alone. Or your absolute will. In any case, vacation should not be absolute in the first place. I condemn the thought of cramming an anime marathon for the whole span of my little break just because I am so in love with animes and I have to catch up because my acad life is destroying my character. So, at the end of the day, I would look like a zombie, sleepless and regretful. One anime (that consists of 25 EPISODES ABOVE- TO MY STANDARDS) can't be completed within a day. Or else my head would explode (partly due to stress and some because of feels)

I think that's the big realization of the first days of January. Gosh, I miss taking a vacation so much that I ended up in sickbed again because of late-night thoughts and could-have-beens.

Yeahp. Lesson learned.
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