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Muv Luv Alternative-Total Eclipse Review

Release Date- July 2012

Production Company- TV Tokyo

Genre- Action, Sci-fi, Romance

Episodes- 24

1967, mankind discovers an alien race on the moon. The alien race known as BETA invades earth and attempt to take over the earth. Mankind develops Tactical Surface Fighters (TSF) to combat the BETA. Muv Luv Alternative-Total Eclipse follows the story of the XFJ Project, a sub-project of Project Prominence, a project to develop TSFs.


Yuuya Bridges- The lead test pilot of the XFJ project. A Japanese American, he neglects his Japanese nationally and doesn't like Japanese due to his past.Taramara Yui-A member of the imperial army of Japan, After Japan falls to BETA she becomes the leader of the XFJ project, hoping the development of new weapons will help defeat the BETA in time.I found the characters a bit emotionless and 1 dimensional, no one really gets much development besides Yuuya. They weren't really a joy to follow. 5.5/10


The story follows the test pilots of the XFJ project and the testing of new mecha , where the best pilots from all around test the mecha instead of actually fighting the BETA.... The plot also explores the themes of nationality and what it means to be a hero. Kinda.. The plot was quite poorly executed and just ended up becoming a harem trying to hard to be a serious show while being able to because all they did was put books everywhere.This is a perfect example of misused plot. If done correctly this plot could of been amazing. 6/10

Music And Sound-

The music in this show was quite nice and made good accompaniment but that's exactly it, it was just accompaniment. It wasn't bad by any means but it was no where near a stand out. It did its job well but nothing more. The opening theme was catchy but nothing more. The music could of been done better. The sound effects on the other hand were very nice, from flying to fighting, to shooting the sound made it sound realistic. Great use of sound effects made the viewing experience much better. As for the voice acting it was alright, not good just average. 6.5/10

Graphics And Animation-

The stand out feature of this anime was the graphics and the animation. The animation during the battles was amazing. It was smooth and fluid whilst still maintaining a good level of detail. Animation peaked during these fight scenes and it was truly a joy to watch even if the story itself was well...bad.The mecha looks stunning and paid much attention to detail. Character design was nicely excited but at times could of used more details. 8.5/10


All in all I found this series quite enjoyable all things aside. But the enjoyment could not make up for the average sound, 2d characters and dreadful plot. If you are looking for some fun then by all means watch this anime, you don't need to focus too much and the fight scenes are a pleasure to watch. If you like mecha anime, this one is pretty much standard fair so you should have a good time watching. If you are looking for neither of these thing I would pass this anime and watch something else. My alternatives for Total Eclipse are Code Geass, a amazing anime with mecha (Code Geass - Akito the Exiled has absolutely amazing fight scenes and animation, some of the best I've ever seen) or either of the Eureka Seven series. 7/10
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