Saturday, January 25, 2014

Star Driver Review

A pretty boy has flashy mechafights against a flamboyant organization.

Before going into this, I heard that this was basically the mecha version of Utena. It pretty much is what Utena would be if it was a mecha anime. Star Driver borrowed many visual motifs and plot elements from its spiritual successor. (I.E. The rosy frames during Wako's fantasies, the repetitive fight sequences, the ritualistic entrance leading into said fight sequence, etc.) Though it's completely fabulous, it does lack Utena's immense amount of symbolism and is also completely and utterly campy. Thankfully it's aware of this and never takes itself too seriously.

Star Driver has a healthy amount of characters, some of whom are surprisingly likable. The main trio are pretty much your standard two boys/one girl love triangle, and usually I hate the girl. I was actually okay with Wako. She had some quirks like her delusional fantasies that charmed me, but that didn't prevent her from being bland. The rest of the cast members were made of some generic stereotypes, though they also had some quirks about them. However depth and development was definitely lacking amongst the majority of the cast. Though with a show like Star Driver, I'm not sure if the depth half was necessary.

I really enjoyed the character designs. They're vibrant and fun and (excluding the uniforms) wear some fabulous getups. (I would love to cosplay someone.) The mecha designs were unique and distinct from other mecha series. I found them to be sleek looking and, of course, fabulous.

I was holding off on watching this for ages because I wasn't sure if I'd like it or not. Star Driver definitely exceeded my expectations. It's certainly not the greatest thing ever, but it provided some good entertainment. If anything I'll remember it for its fabulousness.

* STORY - B+ - Campy and fun to watch.

* CHARACTERS - C - A fun cast overall, but not a lot of depth or development.

* VISUALS - A- - A unique style with absolutely fabulous visuals.

* MUSIC - C+ - Decent songs all around, though a bit generic as a whole.

* ENJOYMENT - A - Lots of entertainment value here.

* OVERALL - B - A fun and flashy mecha anime.

Recommendations: Code Geass, Revolutionary Girl Utena
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