Friday, January 3, 2014

Valvrave the Liberator Review

A high school boy pilots a mecha and becomes a body-snatcher-vampire.

Valvrave is extremely dumb. It has that certain brand of anime stupidity that fans will either like or hate. While there's absolutely no denying at how incredibly stupid Valvrave is, I'm definitely on the 'like' side of the spectrum and found plenty to enjoy about it.

Like other anime such as Symphogear and Guilty Crown, Valvrave takes numerous tropes and cliches and crams them into one ridiculous story. We've got vampiric bodysnatchers, evil organizations, teenage political leaders, and (of course) giant robots. It's all over the place, but somehow the story manages to stick to the laws that it made for itself.

In terms of characters, the protagonists save for two supporting characters are made up entirely on teenagers. Most of them are a bit annoying and don't have very interesting personalities. The antagonists consist of adults as well as teenagers and have far more potential as characters. If Kriemhild, Cain, H-Neun and X-Eins (among a few others) were in a more competently written show and were the main cast members, I'd be all over that shit.

* STORY - C - Nonsensical and stupid, but also coherent.

* CHARACTERS - C- - One dimensional and mostly annoying. There were a handful of good ones, though.

* ART - A- - Nice style, competently made, and has aesthetically pleasing character designs.

* MUSIC - C+ - Good opening/ending themes, alright BGM.

* ENJOYMENT - B+ - I enjoyed it and enjoyed laughing at it.


Recommendations: Code Geass, Gundam SEED
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