Sunday, January 12, 2014

Winter 2013: The rest of the field

This post is brought you by Seki-kunwhere he demonstrates how using erasers as domino pieces are awesome. Heck, he even made overpasses too!

Anyways, it's the obligatory post where I watch anime series that I didn't add to my blog list. And BTW, I'll be covering three series that were continued where they left off!


So after the awesome fight against that big Zaku from Ep. 12, Gundam Build Fighters is back where Sei and Reiji are playing baseball for some odd reason on their match against Luang Dallara.

While watching Ep. 13, it reminds me of Iron Leaguer. In fact, it's a shout-out from Sunrise as expected. Now let's see if they could shoehorn shout-outs from Brave Series, Eldoran, or even recent titles like Code Geass and Valvrave in future episodes!

And BTW, seems that this episode also draws inspiration from !


Next up is NagiAsu, where P.A.Works did a time skip for Ep. 14 for some reason. Not sure what Uroko-sama is thinking, but it seems that the relationship between the sea the the surface didn't fade out in a snap.

In fact, it seems that Akari is happily married and gave birth to Miuna's brother Akira, although not sure what happened to Mr. Itaru. On the other hand, most of the main characters are missing after Ep. 13. Then again, it seems that only Hikari appeared on Ep. 14, meaning there is a chance that I might see Kaname and Manaka again, although their bodies won't age much since they've hibernated.


And finally, Silver Spoon is back to continue from Ep. 11. After turning Pork Bowl into bacon, Hachiken has returned for another day at Ooezo High School, and it's getting better than ever!

This time, Hachiken becomes the vice-president of the equestrian club. Other than that, I think he'll be fine despite being friend-zoned by Aki-chan, as well as other things that might tire him out! After all, Hachiken is studying at an agricultural school.

Anyways, I'll be very busy starting in Monday. I might only post short entries because I have real-life work!
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